Multi-Boot KODI Add-on Updates

Quick post just to say I have updated all of my KODI add-ons so they now use my ‘dynamic’ switch scripts. This means there is no longer a need to install a specific ‘Dual-Boot’ or ‘Triple-Boot’ add-on – they will work regardless of what partition your OS’s are installed to.

The link below contains all of my add-ons – I add this into KODI as a source in all of my builds as standard but if you remove it by mistake (or if it disappears after installing a custom KODI build etc.), then it can be added again using this address:

All of my add-ons will install as a ‘Program’ in KODI and you can add a shortcut to them onto your main menu within your favourite KODI skin.

All the best


31 thoughts on “Multi-Boot KODI Add-on Updates”

  1. Also, since you are now doing great work with add-ons will it be possible to create one to work as a build/backup download in kodi. I know you were trying with the scripts to do so online.
    What’s your take??

    1. Hmmm… I’m not sure on that to be honest. I would need to create a settings menu so you could enter your own website URL for where the build is located and version file but I haven’t explored that far into KODI add-ons yet! It certainly would be possible, but I’d need to learn how to create better KODI add-ons first. I will look into it.


      1. Yes that will be great and it would be the best option for libreelec/openlec users since the whole tar file would be use so less room for error.
        I already have my own normal regular build update/fresh start addon so that I wouldn’t need to keep going to friend house to update but sometimes it crashes and have to do so anyway and also with the new kodi changes especially with kodi17 it may stop working in time.
        So a openelec/libreelec backup online addon option would be a boss inclusion.
        Hoping for the best and I know with you it may very well be a guarantee lol

      2. Hi @ Steve,

        I’m having one strange problem with the RetroPie addon, whereas when I re-install my backup and try to use the Retropie addon I get the addon error message to check it, and have to fix it by reinstalling the addon.

        I know it works before I backup and I’ve tried un-installing and re-intalling addon before backup but the same problems occurs.
        The RaspBian addon do not have this problem and have worked every time after backup.
        I have not tested Rasplex as yet.
        So I’m not sure what may be causing it to get corrupted.

        I should also mention the the addons work well with the old builds as well but had the same backup issue with Retropie.

        PS. Great job again on the new Quad build.

        1. Hi, @Smithers,
          I’m still having the same corruption problems with the addons when re’installing backup setup.
          So I’ve tried to use the old scripts but all I get with them is a kodi reboot.
          Can you please assist me with this.
          Thanks in advance.

          1. Hi.

            Sorry for delay in replying – I’ve not logged on for a couple of days as I’m in the process of making a mini arcade cabinet for my son and its taking all my time haha!

            Ok so when I do an ‘online update’ (from my own update script), or a normal backup / restore, my multiboot add-ons always work fine? Have you shifted onto a new version of KODI per chance? If so then I may need to review the add-ons for the latest versions.

            Have you tried re-installing them again from my web source after you have restored from your backup, and if so, did it work? Let me know and I will try to help out.


  2. I’ve installed on kodi the and added the shortcut under the programs menu. It appears, but do nothing?


    1. Hi.

      The shortcuts should have already been there? What KODI version have you installed, and did you install the correct addon for that version? For example, the OSMC addon won’t work in LibreELEC.

      Let me know and I will try and help.


      1. Hi,
        I figure that you were busy and would get back here when you got the chance.

        I’ve manage to create a script link from the addons that works.
        Somehow I think the addon is just easily corrupted in certain conditions.
        In my case I have my own build and online installer that I use and its when I use that it gets corrupted every time and I have to use your addon source to re-install them and it works after that. Not sure what’s causing it.

        You said you are building an arcade, so I’m I.
        I have everything I believe I need already even a “Coin Acceptor” but I stuck at that cause I’m not sure whats the best setup will be or even how to program the coin acceptor to retropie lol.
        Maybe you can assist me in some way with all this. It’s my first pi project lol.


        1. Well that is bizarre – I’m not sure why that would happen. Come to think of it, I haven’t updated my own KODI build to use my add-ons yet so that is why I haven’t seen this myself (I am still using scripts). Next time you do an update could you try running the add-on via SSH and see if it throws up an error please?

          Yes I remember you saying you were doing an arcade cab, how are you getting on? So when it comes to wiring up your buttons etc. then I guess it depends on what you want and the design of your cab. For example the cab I am doing for my son is just a tiny little ‘Arcadie’ cab that is meant to house an Ipad mini (he’s only [nearly] 3 years old and I don’t want him wrecking my cab!). The Arcadie cab only has 2 buttons on it so I added 2 extra buttons for ‘start’ and ‘select/coin’ and thats all I need as I am putting a Pi zero inside so I’ll only be putting retro arcade games and NES, Mastersystem, Gamegear and the likes (any 2 button systems). To link up the controls to the Pi I am using an old USB joypad I had lying around that has a small circuit board inside. I soldered all the buttons directly to the joypad circuit board and then that plugs into the Pi and its done. What I really should have done is just connect the buttons directly to the Pi itself via GPIO pins, that would have gave me much more room to work with, but I was a bit scared of soldering directly onto the Pi zero motherboard so chickened out and went down the joypad route!

          so, because you are, I assume, making a larger cabinet than I am right now, i.e a bartop or full size cab, then space is not much of an issue to you so it opens alot more avenues. In my Raspberry Pi 3 bartop I connected the buttons straight to the GPIO pins (no soldering required as the pins are already present on the Pi 3), and I used an IDE hard disk connector to keep it neat instead of using individual connectors for each pin. I then used a program called ‘retrogame.c’ made by Adafruit which converts the GPIO button presses into keyboard strokes of your choice and runs at boot time so is ideal for this. You can download the application here: or if you want more info on how to use it then check out this page:

          So thats one option and it has the advantage of being the cheapest, but there are limitations to the amount of buttons you have. I managed to set up mine to have 2 players with 6 buttons each and a start button each but there was only enough GPIO’s left for one ‘Select / Coin’ button, so that is a shared button. Its not an issue to me, I’ve never found that to be a problem.

          So the other option you have is using a gamepad or keyboard encoder. This is by far the easiest option and I used a pair of cheap encoders in my full size cab and they work perfect. You get all the wired you need included with the encoder and they simply clip into the encoder and then onto your buttons, couldnt be easier! Then you just plug in the USB cable to your Pi and away you go. You can spend alot of money on one, like an Ipac, or you can spend very very little on one, like the ‘Zero Delay’ encoders. I went for the ‘Zero Delay’ and it is great for my needs. Each encoder costs £8 delivered off Amazon at the moment and it supports 12 or more buttons per encoder (use 1 encoder per player). I can definitely recommend these and would of used it on my mini arcade Im making now but it would have been a waste to only use 4 buttons in total. Here is a link to the product I am talking about:

          In regards to your coin mechanism – you don’t need to program it into RetroPie because it will just be seen as a button press to the Pi when an acceptable coin is inserted. All you need to do is calibrate the coin mech to the coins of your choice (that is done on the coin mech itself, not the Pi), then attach it to an input on your encoder and set that ‘button press’ up to be the ‘insert coin’ button. Simple!

          Sorry this has been a lengthy reply, I could talk about this all day because I have been dabbling with and building cabs on and off for about 15 years now, so if you have any queries just let me know and I’ll try to help. To summarise though, I think your best and easiest option is to go for a ‘Zero Delay’ encoder. they are very cheap and very functional and they will cut down the install time massively. If you want to go down the full ‘DIY’ route, or if space is an issue, then I would recommend using the GPIO’s on the Pi.

          Hope this helps! I can post some pictures of my cab(s) if it helps, and feel free to share any of your progress if you wish too. 🙂

          All the best.

          1. Hi.

            It is the same concept as what is contained in my add-ons but pointing to different folders (and does not have the partition searching function, so you will need to know what partition your OS’s are on).

            If you can tell me what partitions you are using then I will write up a script for you and send it over.


    1. Hi, sorry for delay in replying. The little arcade cab I have been making is taking up all my time at the moment haha!

      That looks fine, I have had similar kits myself in the past (albeit without the illuminated buttons). Those ‘Zero Delay’ encoders are ideal and definitely the easiest way to get going. They have been updated recently to allow for use of LED buttons which is nice.

      I have that same coin mech too (it came with a JAMMA board set I bought). It feels a little cheap at first, but once installed it will be fine. You just need to run a few coins through it to calibrate your coin type and then its good to go.

      So how far into your build are you then? Im nearing completion of my micro arcade but its been a pain!


  3. Any way you can make this build with the new retropie 4.1 update? I tried updating it and dont know where i went wrong but it seems like everything started getting a bit laggy. 32g sd card/32g usb flash drive.

  4. I couldnt boot off of an 64gig class 10 micro sd card, i manage to put it on 32gig was fine when bootup, can u please help me?

  5. Hello, I installed a custom kodi build and lost shortcuts to raspbian and retropie while in kodi. so once im in kodi, i have no way to get out to other os’s. can you pleae help?

  6. Hi i am having the same problem as Jorge I installed a build and my rasbian and retropie shortcuts where gone and they where not in the programs list. I’d appreciate the help thanks.

  7. Im running the openelec/retropie build and openelec just had an update to 7.0.
    My question is how can i incorporate your build with this new openelec disk image, so i can move onto openelec 7.0 and have your setup(LOVE IT)? Is it as easy as replacing the openelec build on your setup with the new version of openelec? Trying to find the easiest way to update-?maybe use openelecs update setting and not fool with reimaging card?

  8. Hi Steve,

    I’ve lost the shortcut to Kodi, from within RetroPie. I don’t see a way to add that back.

    I do see that there’s a script in the roms/kodi folder, however it’s no longer showing as an option on the mail screen. I changed some of the modules, and it disappeared. I obviously messed up.

    Can you tell me how to get the main menu option back? this is on your dual Kodi/RetroPie install.

    Thanks, and great work (thanks so much for your work!)


    download .tar NOT disk img-extract contents on pc-xfer contents of tar to .update folder in open elec-reboot-ENJOY!!

  10. THANK you guys so much you saved me so much trouble getting the box i am building for a friend to work with customized kodi and retropie together ! thank you so much and for the add on scripts everything works great cheers!

  11. Hi Steve,

    First off, you are doing great job and thanks to your builds I’ve got several people already hooked on the pi.

    I was wondering if there are any libreelec/recalbox builds coming done the pipe?


  12. Hi Steve,
    First off, you are a Life Saver! These builds are Exactly what we need! Don’t Ever stop!
    I am trying to get Kodi addons to work, AND Have Hyperpie! Kodi changes so fast, I had to use the OSMC and get v.17 Krypton to get the addons to work. That’s fine! I used your Retropie OS. But can’t get upgraded to Hyperpie.
    Is there any way we can get a new build with Hyperpie. Can I install Hyperpie in one of the other OS’s??
    I am new to the gaming side, been at this for 6 days!
    I am building an arcade control console too, from GRS. It’s for my nephew and I want both systems as high end as I can get them. Rpi3B 128G SD and 128G USB stick.

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