*Pi 1 / Zero* – RETROPIE V4.0.2 + LIBREELEC V7.0.2 DUAL-BOOT


So I finally got round to making a Pi 1 / Zero build! This is a Dual Boot build of RetroPie & LibreELEC (16.1 Jarvis):

Click here to download

As usual this is a NOOBS USB installer build so please follow the instructions in the included ‘readme’ file.

This build also has my new ‘smart’ switching scripts, which will seek out which partition is the correct one before mounting it and loading the other OS. This prevents the incorrect partition being mounted if you were to mix and match OS’s, which could leave the card in an ‘un-bootable’ state.

I have created an ‘Always boot to KODI’ entry in the RetroPie menu. Use this to always boot to KODI (obviously!) on every boot and you can turn it off again should you desire. More info on this in the readme file.

Other than that, both operating systems are standard so should work as they were designed. Please test it out and let me know your thoughts! 🙂

More Pi 1 / Zero builds to come!

All the best.


12 thoughts on “*Pi 1 / Zero* – RETROPIE V4.0.2 + LIBREELEC V7.0.2 DUAL-BOOT”

  1. I have a Pi 1 and use a USB3 drive with an ext4 storage partition, so it run’s faster. Can I use your multiboot solution and keep using the usb drive for storage?

  2. Ok, maybe I don’t know what I’m doing here, because I’m a noob, but I become the bootmenu to select the OS only at first boot. When I select an OS it will booted again and again, but I never see the bootmenu again. Is there any way to become the bootmenu everytime when I boot up my pi ?

  3. Any reason this would not work with a pi zero w? I’ve been trying and it will not recognize LibreELEC, only retropie.

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