*Pi1 / Pi Zero* RETROPIE V4.0.2 + OSMC 2016.07-1 DUAL-BOOT

Here is a Dual Boot build of RetroPie & OSMC (16.1 Jarvis) for the Raspberry Pi 1 & Pi Zero:

Click here to download

As usual this is a NOOBS USB installer build so please follow the instructions in the included ‘readme’ file.

This build also incorporates my new ‘smart’ switching scripts, which will seek out which partition is the correct one before mounting it and loading the other OS. This prevents the incorrect partition being mounted if you were to mix and match OS’s, which could leave the card in an ‘un-bootable’ state. I have tweaked the script in RetroPie slightly as I realised the existing script wouldn’t find an OSMC partition – now it will!

The ‘Always boot to KODI’ entry is in the RetroPie menu like on the other builds. Use this to always boot to KODI (obviously!) on every boot and you can turn it off again should you desire. More info on this in the readme file.

Other than that, both operating systems are standard so should work as they were designed. Please test it out and let me know your thoughts! 🙂

All the best.


24 thoughts on “*Pi1 / Pi Zero* RETROPIE V4.0.2 + OSMC 2016.07-1 DUAL-BOOT”

  1. I am using Pi 1 B+.
    Why my 64GB SDXC card won’t boot at all?
    I formatted the card using SDformatter and copy all contents to root of SD card.

    Power on and black screen, nothing show up. I installed RetroPie only, works normally.

    Is it the 64GB SD issue?


    1. HI @Eric,
      The card needs to be formatted to fat32 and sdformatter will not do that because of the size of the card. You will have to use something like “guiformat” to format the card to fat32 format.

      Hope that helps

    1. Hi.

      Yes I will be making a triple and quad boot for the Zero / Pi 1, just haven’t had much time of late to do it unfortunately so sorry for the delay!


  2. Hi,
    I just ordered a pi zero and would apreciate if you could make a triple boot system with one system beeing able to use a internet browser ?
    like osmc/retropi/pixel
    libreelec/retropi/ ??? with a Internet Browser
    That would be great and we would have a full set of distros
    on our pi zero.

    1. Hi.

      Yes I will be making a triple and quad boot for the Zero / Pi 1, just haven’t had much time of late to do it unfortunately so sorry for the delay!


  3. How can I update Kodi to The newest version?
    Every time I triy to update O got an error like “problem to install unknown package”

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Is it possible to update Retropie to the latest version 4.1 once the multiboot is installed? Like update it in command line?

  5. I installed this on a raspberry pi zero. I booted into RetroPie through the Noobs prompt but it then booted into Kodi after the Retropie splash screen. Now the Noobs menu is gone and I can not figure out how to switch back to Retropie

    1. I think you just need to exit kodi and then it brings up the menu to switch between the two or well thats what it seems like per the description. I am about to try this on my newly built pi 3 box now.

  6. I installed this on a raspberry pi3 with a 16GB card formatted to fat32 and retropi boots but when I switch to OSMC the screen goes black and stays black.

    1. I had this issue also boots up and either options i choose go into a black screen and stays black.

      Running a 32GB card and a Pi Zero W if that helps.

  7. Greetings! i am new to the world of the raspberry pi. i have decided to jump straight in and use it as the excuse i have been waiting for to finally learn linux.
    one minor thought though.
    on your raspberry pi 1 and zero multi boot you have opted to have retro pie and also a kodi centric operating system in it.
    even though kodi can be added to retropie directly, and booted from it.
    my question is this:
    why not have a dual boot with raspbian and retropie with kodi installed inside of retropie?
    wouldnt that make more sense?
    because in that way you would have a desktop environment and also a games environment with media streaming ability built in to the games environment.

    i have been trying (with a little success) to cut splice and otherwise frankenstein your work to create a noobs installer which will allow me to do this.
    so far i have managed to get retropie and raspbian running on my rpi3b and install kodi. however i hit a wall when i tried to configure retropie to have kodi as its own menu selection outside of “ports”. i managed to get it as its own menu option however i hit a wall when something went wrong and i was nolonger able to boot into raspbian pixel. and the noobs boot loader nolonger showed up at boot. it would just go straight into retropie.
    should i stop trying or should i try a different approach?

  8. I get a black screen for either one I go to with the pi zero w , but it works fine for the regular pi zero anybody else having this issue? Any fixes?

    1. I too have black screen on raspi zero w. but 8gb card with dual boot. not sure what I am missing…did you resolve yours?

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