Quad Boot – Raspbian ‘Pixel’, RetroPie, RasPlex, KODI

Here is a Quad-Boot build of RetroPie, Raspbian (with new ‘Pixel’ desktop), RasPlex and KODI:

Click here to download

This is my first quad-boot build, and it was more a proof of concept really, but it all seems to work just fine so please try it out if you are interested and let me know what you think!

Like in the triple-boot build, I have added 3 versions of KODI – OpenELEC, LibreELEC and OSMC, and you can choose which version you want to install alongside Raspbian, RasPlex and RetroPie.

I have added an ‘Always boot to RasPlex’ option, so now you can choose whether to always boot to KODI or RasPlex (or leave as standard of course!).  I have also amended the latest version of the standard PlexHT skin to add in a link to KODI, Raspbian and RetroPie and this time I am using add-ons instead of scripts. I have uploaded the add-ons to the below page but please be aware that RasPlex add-ons cannot be installed the same way as KODI – you have to add them directly to the SD card under /.plexht/addons/ and then find a way to access them through the GUI (such as linking them into the skin like I have):


As always this is a NOOBS installer supporting USB install (which I would highly recommend due to the size of the install files).


All the best.


395 thoughts on “Quad Boot – Raspbian ‘Pixel’, RetroPie, RasPlex, KODI”

    1. Hi @ Jose David
      There is already those variants. Check out the Quad boot and just install which ones you want, 2 or more, just make sure your car is large enough to accommodate all that you want.
      Hope that helps.

      PS I believe he is working on a Raspbian Pixel Update.

        1. same issue.
          but now with the recent release of a new version of retropie. the slick ability to boot over into raspbian or any thing else gets nuked when you update retropie on this build.
          had to extract the retropie installer files and throw them into the vanilla noobs installer just so I can have a dual boot for raspbian and retropie. but now instead of having a slick awesome menu option to boot over to raspbian and back… well that’s kinda gone. now I have to reboot and select what I want to boot into from the noobs startup window.
          kinda makes me sad. the menu options were just plain awesome.

  1. Hey Steve,

    I noticed this build has ” “want_maximised”: true, ” for the ext4 file system of the partitions.json file of each OS.

    Is it supposed to be set that way? Seems like it would be conflicting. Typically RetroPie would take up most of the card and should be the only OS with the partitions.json file set to true for the ext4 partition.


  2. I’ve installed LibreElec and Raspbian and all gone fine. I’ve restored a back up of LibreElec but now I don’t have the thumbnail of Rasbian in programs. How do I get that back or how to I swap to Rasbian without a reboot? TIA

          1. A little off topic but I ended up soft resetting kodi & installed the shortcut addons and ran into a issue with super favorites shortcuts & addons, I added your addons too a super favorites folder via the super favorite menu & the addon shortcuts did not work but running the addon directly will work. I ended up finding a fix & wanted to share with you in case others run into this issue. Apparently certain addon shortcuts will not work if you use super favorites add menu option, to fix this simply add the addons too regular favorites then copy paste them into the super favorite folders & they should now work.

          2. Hi.

            You should be able to update to Krypton via the normal method (update.tar file in the /update/ folder etc.), however if you wanted to start from scratch then I will be posting instructions in the hopefully very near future on how to make your own builds.


  3. I’m new to the Raspberry game. How would one get a 3.5inch RPi LCD (A) screen to work with a multi-os system using your build?

    1. Puedes comprarla en cualquier tienda en linea de tu pais, en mi caso en Mexico, es mercadolibre, pero puede ser en Ebay, o algo por el estilo, si eres nuevo en esto, no te recomiendo una pantalla tan pequeña si lo que quieres es usar el centro multimedia o el RetriPie, mejor consige una TV con HDMI, de 19 pulgadas, saludos

    1. Hi,
      In terms of rasplex. Is there any online account setup rather than having to setup your on local server with videos??
      Would like to get a fast setup into it to see how it really is.

    1. Hi.

      When and where do you see the message? Is it at boot time or when clicking on the shortcut? Please let me know further info and I will try to help. I have not seen this message before myself?


  4. Fantastic! I’ve spent days trying to come up with a Raspbian/RasPlex/RetroPie hybrid.

    Setup the quad boot. Booted into RasPlex fine, booted into Raspbian fine however a apt-get update and an apt-get upgrade followed by a reboot has broken it?

    1. Hi.

      Thats not good! In what way is it broken, could you elaborate further? If so then I will re-install this build myself and try and debug it.


      1. I updated raspbian using the command line and I believe the logout icon has reverted to an older icon version. The desktop artwork has also changed from the photo of northern lights to a road. Is this change expected?

  5. Hi, First of all great work,
    Question: How I can make RetroPie allways booting?
    For my childs is more easy to always have RetroPie

    1. Hi.

      This is a bit trickier, but probably not impossible, just not something I have looked into yet because I have never been asked for that!

      It would require a script to be ran on boot-up of KODI, RasPlex and Raspbian. This is not a problem for Raspbian as I already have a script for that which can be amended for RetroPie, but for RasPlex and KODI – I am not sure how to implement a startup script. I *think* there is an ‘autostart.sh’ file somewhere that can be used but have not investigated it yet. I will have a look into it when I get a chance and update how to do it (will probably add it in as an option in future builds).


    1. You can indeed, you would just need to run the script or addon via the command line. For example in RetroPie, to launch Raspbian you would type:

      sudo /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/raspbian/raspbian.sh

      In RasPlex, to launch Raspbian you would type something like:

      (I say ‘something like’ because I’m not in front of my home PC right now, but its something like that. If it doesn’t work then let me know and I will correct it!).

      Same applies to other OS’s, you just need to locate either the script (in Raspbian or RetroPie), or the add-on (in KODI or RasPlex) launch them using the appropriate command above.

      Hope this helps – any questions let me know.


  6. Love your multiboot builds! I’m very new to the PI revolution, but been a tech for 20+ years. Started with your rasplex, retropie build and it works perfectly. What I’m looking to do is a Rasplex/Android (Nougat) multiboot. I’m a cord cutter and I have a plex server at home with Hulu as our primary entertainment service. I want to get Android with the Hulu app running to see if it can replace the hulu apps on the smart tv or smart bluray player. Getting Netflix to work as well would be amazing, but lets start with at least one of these…

    RasPlex is 100X better than the smart apps for our samsung tv and bluray player. I’m hoping that hulu running on a PI would be even better! What are your thoughts?

    1. Hi.

      I would like to get an Android multi-boot setup myself however I would need to learn how Android performs it partitioning and if it will be compatible with NOOBS first. Last time I checked I couldn’t find a pre-made disk image for Android Nougat for the Pi, I had to build it myself (and didn’t have time to do it at that moment). Do you know if there is a disk image available yet? If so then I will download it and have a look, but I imagine it will be tricky as Im pretty sure Android has some funky partition layouts and I would need to make up a NOOBS script (or amend an existing one) that would partition it properly or it would not work.

  7. All perfect Steve,

    I’m interested only in dual boot retropie and plex like an older build you made. I try to use this and works perfectly with windows (mac don’t format well and give problems…) but i’d like to delete the shortcuts that appear in Rasplex and retropie that allows to launch Kodi and Raspian that i don’t install. Is it possible???

    I’m new with pi, (only 2 months) and need your help with this. I’m happy to help testing this fantastic build!!


  8. Hi again, in Retropie was easy, don’t know if its well done but i deleted the kodi and raspbian folders from gamelists and both disappeared…perfect!!!

    Now i’m searching how to do it with rasplex, where can edit the shortcuts…help my friends!!!

    Thanks and sorry for my poor english.

    1. Hi.

      I will be releasing a RetroPie / Plex build soon (been on holiday for a week and just got back!), but in the meantime if you’d rather just amend the build you hve now then to remove the shortcuts in Plex you will need to edit the skin. This is because the standard Plex skin does not allow for custom changes (i.e. links to scripts or add-ons), so I had to tweak the actual skin code to make links to my add-ons. I can walk you through how to do this if you want, but it will require SSH access and removing some code from a specific .XML file of the skin. If you want to do that then let me know and I will write you the instructions.


      1. As RetroPie seems to be building pace of updates, a dual boot image would be great. I’m going to try by just selecting the two in the Quad Boot setup, but something updated would be great.

        So instructions on how to edit the Plex skin to remove the OLEC/Pixel links would be appreciated.

        Last point: thank you so much for sharing all your work on this. I’m learning a heap and getting a Pi that’s spot on what I need to keep the family happy.

  9. Awesome!!! i think i will wait for your new build. I tried to update your old image rasplex/retropie and rasplex updated perfectly but retropie give more problems…

    Thanks for your attention Steve.

  10. Hi.

    Is there any way to update libreelec once installed? I tried swapping the system file for a krypton build one, as suggested for a regular noobs install. This produced an error message at the splash screen regarding not messing about with extlinux.conf and a 60s countdown, after which it booted up fine, but wireless was disabled/missing. Many thanks.

    1. Hi.

      Updating LibreELEC should work fine, however I have never tried it myself. I would always recommend making a backup before updating, just in case it breaks.

      The normal update method would be to place the update file (a .tar file) in the ‘update’ folder then rebooting – t sounds like you have done something different to this which may be why it hasn’t worked?

      1. Hi, this breaks the quad boot in my case… it updates properly to kodi 17.6 Krypton, but the dual boot is gone. Any hints?

  11. I’m trying to use my bluetooth keyboard but it only seems to work in Retropie..In LibreElec Kodi it says bluetooth is disabled and there’s no option to turn it on…please help? Thank you!

    I’ve been waiting for this build from you! Thanks for the awesome hard work and share!

  12. Sorry I’m flooding the wall…I’m kind of stuck with my small bluetooth keyboard. When I switch between OS’s, I have to manually connect it again (with a wired keyboard). Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this? I want something wireless so I don’t have to walk over to the keyboard by my pi every time to connect my bt keyboard. Thanks in advance..

    1. also when the keyboard is left for a couple minutes, it saves power by sleeping, but on wake, it won’t connect until I manually connect it again..
      also, i’ve been trying to ssh to the pi (putty and winscp) but the password is changed…default should be “raspberry” but doesn’t work..

      1. Hi.

        I do not have a bluetooth keyboard myself so not sure how much I can help here I’m afraid. Is there a setting in any of the OS’s to auto scan or auto connect to paired devices? I have never done anything with bluetooth, other than PS3 pads, so I won’t be able to help much Im afraid.

        As for SSH – the pi:raspberry logins will work with Raspbian and RetroPie but RasPlex and the KODI OS’s have different passwords by default. Please see below:

        RasPlex – root:rasplex
        OSMC – osmc:osmc
        OpenELEC – root:openelec
        LibreELEC – root:libreelec
        Raspbian – pi:raspberry
        RetroPie – pi:raspberry

        Hope this helps!

      1. I have downloaded Kali and had a quick look at it, but it is a rather large operating system at around 7GB as standard! NOOBS only supports FAT formatted cards so providing I can squeeze the image down to below 4GB then it should work out fine. If not then I would have to start removing packages from Kali to make it smaller and it might become a pain. I will update when I have had a proper look into it.

        1. Thanks Smothers! Looking forward to hearing back about Kali, thanks for all the hard work you’ve been putting in over the past year!

  13. Hi,
    Thank you for the effort put into making your build.

    Ive tried the install a couple of times and am hitting the same problem – getting the error message “Error downloading or extracting tarballn tar: write error: No space left”.

    On both a Pi2 and Pi3 and a 64gb microsd card, with the OS folders on a usb stick, I am attempting to install:

    Retropie, Raspbian Pixel, Rasplex, and Kodi Openelec.

    I personally thought it a bit crazy for the installer to allocate the same space evenly to all installs, as when you add in even a few PSX iso’s, Retropie is going to need far far more space than, eg, Plex or Kodi.
    So, I (attempted to!) follow your instructions re the partition sizes.

    I edited the partitions.json file in each of the folders I was intending to install, so that the boot partitions and storage partitions were as follows :

    Boot 57, Maximise false, Retropie maximised true
    Raspbian Pixel:
    Boot 66 false, root 3500 , false
    RasPlex_RPi2_System 210, false, RasPlex_RPi2_Storage 2500, false
    Kodi OpenElec:
    OpenELEC_RPi2_System 160, false, OpenELEC_RPi2_Storage 2500, false
    The idea being, on my 64gb microsd card that gives 60,57 Mb free when formatted, should allocate everything free to Retropie once the partitions are setup with the sizes I put in the json files, ie circa 52Gig, but, Im getting the error mesage as detailed after install.
    Do I need a lot of free space on the usb stick for, well, for a better word, a “scratchpad” during install?
    Any help would be most appreciated.
    Also, the “uncompressed_tarball_size” detailed in each folder seems to vary wildly compared to partition sizes – do I need to adjust / match these numbers as well? I have no idea what they actualy refer to.

    Many thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Stephen,

      You should only need to modify the following for the “ext4” filesystem of each OS:
      “partition_size_nominal” : #### (# is the amount in bytes. I do 4000 for 4GB.)
      “want_maximised” : false (change this from true to false for all but the retropie partitions.json file)

      Leave all other options alone.

      I used 4000 for OpenELEC and RasPlex and 5000 for Raspbian. I have ran up against space issues when trying to restore a backup using the OpenElec backup/restore feature and installing additional skins so 4GB should be plenty.

      Hope that is clear. Let me know if you have any questions.


  14. DarthGrimnir,
    I probably didnt explain myself too well !

    I didnt touch ANY of the, for a better word, boot partitions for each install.
    My post just listed the ext4 partition names, as well as the space allocated to the boot partition, which I didnt touch in any of them.

    I simply made sure Retropie’s ext4 partition was set to maximised true to use all the available space, and the other 3 were set to false, with their allocated space being, as not too well detailed above, the following :
    Retropie maximised true
    Raspbian Pixel: 3500 , want_maximised false
    Rasplex: 2500, want_maximised false
    Kodi OpenElec: 2500, want_maximised false

    Which would, I have expected, give me a Retropie partition of circa 50 to 51 gig. but on every attempt to install, I get the error message I mentioned.
    The install goes fine if I leave the json files with their default values, so its clearly something Ive done, but it look sporetty straight forward, so I am at a bit of a loss.
    Might need to cut n paste the lines in question on here?

  15. Hi Steve,

    Really love your work with the quad boot. Just have one basic question. When I launch retropie I can see rasplex, open elec and raspbian just fine but I can see icons to launch any of the emulators (or I am unsure how to launch them). How do I access the menu to select my emulators and roms?


    1. Hi Neil.

      The emulators (systems) will only appear once you have added your roms to the /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ directory. Have you done this yet? There are no games included in my builds.


      1. Hi Steve,

        Thank you for your help.

        Another question – I want to prevent my raspberry pi from autobooting into my last used OS (I have also installed Kano OS, which I can’t access through any other means but NOOBS). Unfortunately, since my raspberry pi is in a tablet like casing, I can’t access the SD card to delete the autoboot.txt file via my pc. How can I prevent the autoboot? Or better yet, how can I switch to Kano OS from within raspbian?

        I am also having issues booting retropie using the icons in raspbian, rasplex and OPEN Elec. The others boot fine, but when I click on the Retropie icon nothing happens.

        Thanks again,

        1. Hi Neil.

          So am I right in saying that you have installed 5 OS’s? i.e. RetroPie, KODI, RasPlex, Raspbian and KANO? If so then the reason that RetroPie won’t boot is because my scripts wont be able to find the partition it is installed to – I only designed them to look as far as partition number 14, which is the max needed for a quad boot. Its not a problem to add in a few extra lines in the script to look further, to be fair I probably should have done that in the first place, but I never thought anyone would want to delve into the realms of ‘Quintuple-boot’ and beyond!

          Now then, the issue you have here is that if you want it to work like I designed then you will need to make a ‘Kano OS’ option in all other OS’s, which means a script in RetroPie and Raspbian and addons for KODI and RasPlex. You can use my existing scripts as a base for making these and it wouldn’t be too hard a process to implement them – I can talk you through it if need be. The problem you might have is partition switching from within Kano – I have never used this OS so I don’t know how it functions. Is it just a variant of Linux? If so then you should be able to create scripts that work the same as the Raspbian scripts.

          Final option, and easiest option, would to just utilise the NOOBS boot menu as you say. This would mean you would have to avoid using any of my scripts or addons for partition switching and instead just reboot when you want to switch. To remove the ‘autoboot.txt’ file you need to first create a mount point, i.e. and empty folder where you can mount the noobs partition (I will use ‘noobs’ as an example below), then type the following into a terminal:

          mkdir noobs/
          sudo mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 noobs/
          cd noobs/
          sudo rm autoboot.txt

          (note if you are doing this in OpenELEC or LibreELEC you do not need to use ‘sudo’ as you are automatically logged in as root)

          Now you can reboot the Pi and you will be presented with the NOOBS OS choice menu.

          Hope this helps – any questions just let me know.

  16. Hey Steve,
    I’m having a USB installation issue. I put the os folder in my USB and the rest in the sd card. I go to openelec and raspian json files and change want maximize to false and set sizes for 10gb each. When I turn it on I get a error on noobs saying unable to format sd that it wants to convert it to fat 16 and freezes up. Doing the exact same steps on just the sd card has no issues I verified before posting the question. Am i doing something wrong?
    Thanks for your hard work

      1. Hi.
        Ifaced the same/similar issue: after insert SDcard with Noobs into PI and start, following error appeared:
        “Error: Resizing existing FAT partition”
        “Error: The FAT don’t match. If you don’t know what this means, then select cancel, run scandisk on the file system, and then come back.”

        when I close the “close” button..

        a second screen appears “Waiting for SD Card (settings partitionľ
        SOLUTION which worked for me:
        format SD Card in Android phone.
        Formating via SD Formater in PC with Windows 10 did NOT help. Only under WinXP. I read somewhare, this is an issue in Windows 7 and higher…

    1. Hi Mike.

      Is your usb stick definitely formatted to fat32? This is a requirement of noobs. Sounds like your sd card is fine but it doesn’t like your mem stick for some reason. Do you have a different mem stick you could try to at least rule it out?


  17. Hi Steve,

    Love your work, I was always on BootBerry for a long time, but I really missed the in system switching feature!

    Well I have one question, it is about the HifiBerry DAC pro+.
    I can get it working with LibreElec, but is does not work with Retropie.

    I have added :
    dtdebug=1 ”

    to the Config.txt as usual.

    But Retropie does not recognise the HifiBerry Dac,

    I was wondering if you knew a solution to get it recognised!

    Thanks (from the Netherlands)

    1. Hi Steve,

      I found myself a solution,

      I have figured out that Raspian and Retropie use their own config.txt file. so what is needed to do was find them and add the code lines (“dtoverlay=hifiberry-dacplus” (and) “dtdebug=1”).

      To do this I needed to root functionality but, for some reason it was disables by default on RetroPie, so that is the first thing I needed to do.

      Instructions: https://github.com/RetroPie/RetroPie-Setup/wiki/FAQ#why-cant-i-ssh-as-root-anymore

      The next thing was to add the HifiBerry code.

      Instructions: https://github.com/conceptacid/hifiberry-player

      And than sync all changes and reboot the rpi.

      I just wanted to share the information, I like to donate some money for your builds, but I’m just a student, so maybe you will accept it this way 🙂

      anyway thanks again for the great build!!!

  18. 2 memory sticks tried but none work both formatted to fat 32 after every attempt. Even without setting the partition size it won’t run properly. I use apple pi baker to format both the sd card and usb drive and the triple boot You released prior to this one worked for me.

    1. Is it possible to install GParted ??? (if your on Linux (not sure if apple support is also)

      Then just plug in the SD, run Gparted, and delete all the partitions on the SD (Make sure you select the right Media(I made that mistake once 🙁 ).

      Then just convert the free space to FAT32, then confirm.
      (eject and plugin SD again).

      If not mistaken you should be able to drag the files over and boot into NOOBS installer (after the partition convertion)

  19. Hello,

    thanks for this awesome build. I do have a question, though. I’m sure it’s user error. I’m pretty new to all of this. I’ve installed RetroPie, Rasplex and Pixel. On Pixel and RetroPie I can launch the other OS. However, once I boot into plex. I can’t boot back into the others. I’ve restarted it, shut it down and watched the video again. I don’t have the launch options under “search” as you do in the Plex interface. When I’ve disconnected the power and tried to start it again, it automatically starts Plex. Any idea how I can resolve that issue?

  20. Big fan love your builds. I do have a problem though with the quad build. For some reason in Kodi, I cant get to retropie or raspbian only plex. Even after a reboot, it goes to Kodi or Plex that is it. It seems the link was lost somehow.

    Also I have tried the retropie on two tvs and one has sound while the other doesnt produce sound? It is the same HDMI cable I am using so I dont know if it is the tv or the PI.

    1. Hi.
      Not sure why it is not working for you? Are you able to boot into RetroPie or Raspbian at all (i.e. from within a different OS?). Might have to log into the Pi in SSH and run my add-on manually to see where it has gone wrong. Let me know if you want help with this and I will guide you through it.

      As for the sound – certain TV’s need an extra setting enabled in the config.txt file before hey will output sound through HDMI, not sure why, but there you go. You will find what you need in the link below and if I remember rightly it is hdmi_drive=2 that will enable the sound, so edit the /boot/config.txt file when in the RetroPie partition and add that line in (or uncomment it, if it already exists).


      Hope this helps.

      1. I just got my Pi3 and installed your software to my SD card as instructed. Problem is, nothing is outputting via HDMI. Is there a way to set an automated (no user input needed) install? I’d elect to install OSMC. Is there a file I can edit to just have it initiate the full install?

        I tried to connect the unit to my laptop via Ethernet but can’t seem to get the Pi to show up.

  21. Ok, following on from my previous attempts at resizing the partitions for a quad install, this time I decided to install :
    Kodi OSMC, Raspbian Pixel, Retropie, and Rasplex, with the os folder and subfolders on a usb stick.
    I just went into the partition.json file in each folder, and changed 2 entries on the bottom part of each file to false and a partition size of my chosing, so they read as follows: (only pasted the bottom half of each file)

    Kodi OSMC:
    “label”: “root-rbp2”,
    “filesystem_type”: “ext4”,
    “partition_size_nominal”: 2000,
    “uncompressed_tarball_size”: 733,
    “want_maximised”: false,
    “mkfs_options”: “-F -I 256 -E stride=2,stripe-width=1024,nodiscard -b 4096”

    Raspbian Pixel:
    “filesystem_type”: “ext4”,
    “label”: “root”,
    “mkfs_options”: “-O ^huge_file”,
    “partition_size_nominal”: 3500,
    “uncompressed_tarball_size”: 4005,
    “want_maximised”: false

    “label”: “retropie”,
    “filesystem_type”: “ext4”,
    “partition_size_nominal”: 48000,
    “want_maximised”: false,
    “mkfs_options”: “-O ^huge_file”,
    “uncompressed_tarball_size”: 1700

    “filesystem_type” : “ext4”,
    “label” : “RasPlex_RPi2_Storage”,
    “mkfs_options” : “”,
    “partition_size_nominal” : 2500,
    “uncompressed_tarball_size” : 119,
    “want_maximised” : false

    At the start of the install it tells me 56421 MB is needed with 60896 available, so there is no reason for it to fail, but yet again, Im getting the failed message “Error downloading or extracting tarballn tar: write error: No space left”.

    Any ideas anyone?
    Thgere is clearly enough space if the mesage at the start is to be believed
    Im not hitting return when changing values, simply over writing whats there if that can possibly make any difference?!

    1. Hi.

      I think perhaps the ‘uncompressed tarball size’ may be what is throwing it, in particular for Raspbian which has an uncompressed size of 4005MB but you have only allowed it 3500MB of space. Can I recommend that you award Raspbian about 4500 to 5000 MB of space and then change RetroPie from 48000 to something alot smaller like 8000 but set’want_maximised’ to ‘True’ and it will fill the remainder of your SD card space with the RetroPie partition. I would always recommend having one partition set to want maximised, otherwise you might be either overshooting your SD card space (like I think you may have here), or not utilising the whole card space (due to setting small partition sizes).

      Hope this helps. Let me know how you get on.

  22. Posted above without finishing my post!

    After the install failed, I went into Easus Partition Master and its showing 4 boot partitions as expected, and a 1.95Gb, 2.44Gb, 3.42Gb, and a 46.88Gb partition, with 4.37Gb at the end unallocated, confirming it has enough space for the install, so the out of space m,essage is a puzzler….

  23. I don’t know why it wouldn’t work for me but I was able to fix this issue by keeping kodi os which was the smallest operating system on the sd root then installing what I want from USB. Thanks for your hard work Steve I look forward to what you make next

  24. Wow as a new Raspberry Pi user I am so happy to have found this site! I have the official Pi touchscreen 7″ and although I can manually edit my config file each time to switch between the hdmi output and LCD, it would be great if there were a way to choose which video out on boot/startup. Is this something that could be incorporated?

    Keep up the amazing work!

    1. Hi Simon.

      I understand why you would want this however the problem you would face is that you would need a screen to be able to choose a screen, if you know what I mean? (that rhymed too!). You would need an onscreen menu option for choosing either ‘display 1’ or ‘display 2’ so therefore it would always have to boot into one screen or the other to be able to display this option to you, then when you selected it would either continue with the ‘default’ display or reboot into the opposite screen that you chose. This is because the screen output is determined at the point of reading the config.txt file, which is kind of like the BIOS settings on a regular PC. You cannot add an option in there to ‘ask the user’ what screen they want.

      What you could do though is create a script that would automatically edit the config.txt file with the preset values for either display and build the script into all OS’s. That would be an option, and would be easier than manually editing the config.txt file every time? You could make it so one script edits the config.txt file for *every* OS on your SD card (instead of having to run it in 4 different OS’s when you want to change screens).

      Hope this helps.

    1. Hi.

      I have steered away from Recabox because 1) I am not familiar enough with it and 2) there is already someone out there creating Recalbox multiboot images so I don’t want to duplicate effort (or tread on toes!). Check out this site for Recalbox builds: http://www.matthuisman.nz/


  25. Hi Steve and CandyLuv,

    I have a questions regarding kodi
    one day by itself it did like an auto update and changed the way I had it setup, not problem cause I started again and set it up even better, BUT the only thing that I’m missing is for the Raspbian and Retropie add-ons won’t open the box on the right top and there’s not sound either.

    can you guys please let me know how can I fix this?

    thank you guys!

    1. Hi @JrRitzer
      So your addons no longer works or was it deleted?
      What exactly was updated?
      If that is the case you can just re-install them using this source “http://www.multibootpi.com/addons/” in addon manager and installing it from “install from zip’ in addon/settings from the folder libreelec/openelec.

      Hope that helps…

      1. Hi@CandyLuv

        I still have the addons and they work fine,
        I think kodi itself updated or maybe was the wookie build that I was using.
        what I’m missing is the rectangle on the right top corner that appears whenever you click the Retropie add on and makes a cool sound saying launching Retropie… same goes to Raspbian add on.

        But thank you for providing me the source, I guess I could try to add the addons again, to see if that would fix it.

  26. Hi,
    I am so happy to have found your multiboot ! I can now enjoy Kodi and boot to Raspbian to browse through the Internet – could not find other way.

    However, as I am facing issues with Transmission, I am wondering where all files of Kodi have gone, like /etc for example. Other websites mention code line going through etc or systemd or whatever, but I cannot find them in this setup….Sorry for this noob question :S

    1. Hi.

      Sorry but I don’t know where Transmission would download to by default in KODI. I have never used the add-on myself but if you go into the settings for that add-on then you may be able to customize your download folder (or at least see where it is set to as default?).

      Sorry I cant be of more help!

  27. Hi! Thanks a lot for your work! I want to install all of Quad boot but i don’t have enought space. I have 16 gb SD CARD and I install only retro pie, raspbian, libreelec. Could you help me how to install both of systems? I hear that I can install it with Usb memory but I don’t know how to do this. I must clear SD CARD and USB MEMORY and drive to USB Memory contents of folder “noobs files” and that’s it?

    1. Hi, sorry for delay in replying.

      You would definitely need to use the USB install method to squeeze the 4 OS’s onto a 16GB card, so what you need to do is format your USB stick to FAT32, copy the ‘os’ folder onto the stick and copy everything else onto the SD card (also formatted as FAT32), then install the OS’s you want.

      Full instructions are inside the Readme file, along with details on how to change the partition sizes, should you need to.

      Good luck!

  28. Hey, quick question because I’m stupid and don’t know linux at all. So, I want to overclock the cpu on my Pi3. How can I access the config file on this multiboot to edit the coding to overclock? Thanks,

    1. Hi.

      Each system has its own boot partition and therefore has its own unique ‘config.txt’ file that needs the overclock settings applied. RetroPie and Raspbian will both mount their boot partitions as /boot/, so you can type the following into the terminal:

      sudo nano /boot/config.txt

      Then enter your overclock settings.

      KODI is a little different, I think OpenELEC and LibreELEC both mount the boot partition as /flash/ and it is read-only if I recall correctly, so you will need to remount with full write access to be able to edit the config.txt file. I can’t remember what the boot mount point is for OSMC or Plex, but you can find out on their websites if need be. Im guessing that it will be RetroPie that you want to overclock so above comand should get you going, but any issues just let me know and I’ll try and help.


  29. Hi, I have a dumb question, how to disable the always boot to KODI or Rasplex ? I enter RetroPie, and after setup the joystick, randomly push the buttons, and it turns on the always boot to option. I need to get it back to multi-boot screen, thank you for this great tool and answers.

  30. Great build man! Been looking for this for quite some time now.

    A bug that I found on RPi 1:
    When I booted into raspbian and ran raspi-config and set over clock to turbo and reboot, RPi just went blank and nothing works anymore – even rebooting manually via replugging the USB power cable doesn’t work. No rainbow bootscreen. Help?

    1. Hi.

      This is a Rpi 2 / 3 build only – it won’t work on the Pi 1 so I think that is why you will be having problems.


  31. Hey Steve,
    Is it possible to shorten rebooting and switching between systems? I want a pixel, Retropie and openelec tripple boot and I want to keep it clean and minimalistic as I can get it.

    1. Hi.
      Im not sure that you can to be honest. I find things are quite quick as-is and the only way I can think of speeding it up is enabling the ‘initial_turbo’ option in config.txt for each partition? That should help but short of that I think the only other thing you could do is start stripping elements / packages out maybe?

  32. Hi,
    Can anyone who is verse with Plex, please help me in setting it up the easiest way.
    I already have a Plex account.

    1. Hi.

      I am not up to speed with Plex at all Im afraid so I won’t be much help. I have only used it once and that was just to test it out for a video I was uploading! I used my laptop as a server at that time and it worked fine, but obviously a laptop isn’t a viable solution I would say. You can get NAS drives that support Plex (mine doesn’t unfortunately), and maybe you could run a separate Pi as a server? Im not sure on that though, sorry!

      Good luck!

  33. Hi I am a very very new user to the Raspberry Pi / Linux world but enjoying learning. Is there a safe way to update to the latest RetroPie (v4.1) without any damage to your install? Also applies to other updates to the other various OS in multiboot, which files are important to backup/replace after updating the OS? I tried updating on an older release of yours and it broke the work you did. I am on a Rasperry Pi 3.

    1. Hi.

      I have heard people updating just fine via the normal update methods per OS, however I would 100% recommend that you back up your disk before you try. I use Win32 Disk Imager for Windows, which is free, and it makes a perfect copy of your entire SD card. You can also use DD in Linux, but I am guessing most people will be using Windows (or Mac, but I can’t help much there Im afraid!)

      Please let me know how you get on.


  34. Hello, great work I’ve used your images before, I have a question or maybe a request….

    After I setup my triple boot or quad boot…. I was wondering if it’s possible to move my newly built quad or triple SD card to move it to a USB HDD….

    To sum it up…

    Boot the Pi 3 from USB without the SD card….

    Have my Triple,quad build boot from USB HDD, without a SD card….

    Thank you, and keep up the great work

    1. I was wondering if you can tell me how to do this…. Sorry I read it after I posted it,
      I want to see how I can setup your triple boot to boot from USB HDD without a SD card

  35. I love your setups they are totally awesome. If I could make a special request I would love if you would put one together with retropie, libreelec, and the new Android 7.0 distro that’s out. Would totally Rock thank you sir

  36. Hi

    My retropie is broken blank screen, and i’m stuck with always loading retropie when i reboot, what’s the file that controls the last used boot? I really do’t want to reinstall everything again.

    1. @Martin lee You can use the left arrow key… that will open up a new set of menus that has things like configuration and will have the links to boot to Kodi, Raspian, or RetroPie. I know this is an old thread but maybe it will help someone!

  37. I followed the instructions perfectly. When I selected the 3 packages I wanted to install (OpenElec, Rasperian, Retropie) and attempted to install them, it gave me the error “Not enough disk space. Needed X have 0.” I used a 64 GB SD card, and a 16 GB USB stick.

    Any thoughts?

  38. It would be very cool if you produced an image which would boot directly from a USB. I don’t think that Rasplex would work but surely Rasbian and Retropie would (should) work.

  39. Good very Good…. but in a 8go SD it will not work… because to do your instalation (retropie, raspbian, kodi…) its need about 13go and in a 16go with your the noobs installer there is not enough space.

    I’m really a noobs with RPi and I can do this installation, so everyone can, Good JOB!!! Thank you.

  40. Awesome build! However, my emulationstation freezes at the Welcome screen (no gamepads present) after I applied the updates. Holding F4 or any key doesn’t unfreeze; I have to reboot and it doesn’t get past the Welcome screen. Gah!

  41. Is there anyway to access the noobs recovery menu? I only installed LibreElec and Retropie. When I launched Retropie from the Kodi menu the noobs bootloader was not used anymore.

    1. I’ve solved the issue modifying the autoboot.txt. Thanks a lot for your work. This will is the best setup I’ve ever had 😉

  42. Hello I am having problems with a 256gb sd card i allready formated it to fat 32 but it said that i nedd to get fat16

    thanks for your time

    1. Depends what you’re booting into, but all those are found by searching. Openelec login is root/openelec. Retro is pi/raspberry. Each is different.

  43. Noobs doesn’t support 128gb sd cards or at least mine but it works great on my pi installing a single image using apple pi baker on Mac. do you have a noobless version or a way I can install what I want and be able to use your script? Thx for your help

    1. Hi.

      NOOBS should support 128GB cards, however they must be forced to FAT32 format before they will work so you will need to find a program for Mac that will force FAT32 format on a 64GB or above card and it should work out just fine.


  44. I really like this quad-boot setup, and I want to give it a try
    Currently I’ve got kodi (openelec) and Raspbian installed.
    I’ve tweaked some settings, and got a few add-ons installed.

    Is it possible to make a backup and return/copy the old settings + addons to your new Quadboot?

    What files do I need to copy?

    1. Hi.

      You can easily backup OpenELEC using the built in backup / restore feature it has (it is found under the ‘OpenELEC Configuration’ program). Another way to do it would be to copy the /storage/.kodi/ folder and all its contents onto the same location on a new install. That should do pretty much the same thing as all user configurations are held in that folder as far as I am aware. It will not copy any media thogh – they will be in their dedicated folders (if you have any), and would need to be copied separately.

      As for Raspbian – do you also need to copy your existing config? This would be more difficult I imagine and I don’t know of an easy way to do this off-hand, but maybe you only meant OpenELEC anyway?

      Good luck.

      1. … Related to the “backup” topic…

        I have set up one sd card using the Quad version. Works great!

        Want to set up a second Pi as an exact copy.

        Copied the 32gb SD card into a bin file, then tried to write to a new 32gb card, but there’s not enough space.

        Is there a safe and easy way to “shrink” one partition slightly on the original card (or the bin file copy) so the image can be written to the second card?


  45. I think I found a bug which I hope can be fixed. Inside Plex, you can only switch OS if you are using a primary plex account. If you are inside a managed user on Plex, the Plex preferences, shutdown, restart, switch OS options are all just say “Switch User” and only take you to the Plex Switch User menu.

    Wondering if this can be fixed in a future quad boot build

    1. Hi.

      I am not really too familiar with Plex so can you tell me if when you create a new Plex user are you asked what access level they are allowed, or are all additional accounts set at a reduced level of access? Also, can you get in to change the skin when in the user account? If so then check to see if my ‘PlexHT – Multiboot’ skin is applied, as it may have just reverted back to the default skin and needs changing.

      If all the above fails then I will look to modify the skin to allow ‘all users’ access on those menus, however I must say that I did not notice this option whilst I was working on it?

      Let me know how you get on.

  46. Works great !! Just one bug i found, Although I enable always boot to Kodi, it doesnt work. It there a config file I can modify?

    1. Hi.

      It should work – what OS are you in when trying to enable it? The option will be there in both Raspbian and RetroPie, but not in Plex.

      Please let me know further info and I will try and help out.


  47. Hi there, first off this looks amazing, you have obviously put a lot of work and head scratching into this, so thank you for sharing your work. I have just ordered my first raspberry pi, the 3. Basically what im looking for it to do is to sit with my external hardrive plugged into it and be able to watch my movies and tv shows i have on it on my TV. I also if possible would be like to be able to download movies and tv series’s to the external hardrive and watch later? and of course be able to watch tv series’s/movies streaming online.
    Im confused about plex and kodi and which for me i should use, and if i need both?
    the next thing is what size of sd card should i get? im guessing you cant resize partions once installed? i would think the raspbian browser would be handy but not need a lot of space if not downloading on it, im guessing the retropie needs more.
    As for plex or kodie, do they just read from the hardrive even after you add to library or do they save the items you add to the sd card ? would you use both? I have watched quite a few youtube videos but im still not too clued up lol.
    Im sorry for all the questions. Its all very exciting awaiting my raspberry pi. Your doing a fantastic job here answering everyone, and CandyLuv seems to be fantastic too, what a team. Also nice to hear a fellow Brit 🙂
    All the best

    1. Hi @ Kris,
      Although I have not downloaded to an external Hard drive, i believe it’s possible and should not be a problem. All you will have to do is choose the folder you want the movies/tv shows you want it to download to.
      As for Movies on harddrives/flashdrives, that to is possible as same as above in kodi you will just have to go to videos and locate the movies you are looking for you can even save them or the whole folder to favourites or add to playlist so that you wouldn’t always have to search for them.
      The same should be for rasplex with similar directions.

      Hope that helps and its always a pleasure assisting.

  48. I’ve lost all my submenus in RasPlex, and I can no longer swap between LibreElec, Pixel, RetroPi etc. I’m stuck in RasPlex.
    Any ideas how I can fix this? I don’t even know how it happened. It’s a new enough install I could just do It all again, but I’d prefer not to.

    1. You can use the left arrow key… that will open up a new set of menus that has things like configuration and will have the links to boot to Kodi, Raspian, or RetroPie. I know this is an old thread but maybe it will help someone!

  49. Hi @ Taylor,
    Did you check to see if Rasplex “Skin” have change. It has 2 installed and only one of them have the custom links for the other “Installs”.

    I hope that is the case.

    1. Thanks, CandyLuv however, that install ended up getting buggered somewhere and I started again. However, I do notice that a lot of times when one partition is updated (i.e. either Rasplex, Kodi, RetroPi) I lose all the links to swap OSes. This is most prevalent now ith RetroPi as I have to boot into Pixel, then into Kodi.

  50. hi steve, GREAT work – thx!

    i was waiting for something like this. now i can move on with my own project. i can see the finishline. only one or two steps to go:

    first step: with all the older images (tripple boot) i have a prob with the USB-Ports. raspbian always tells me: the specified directory is not valid (if you can solve this, there is no second step for me, because tripple boot would be GREAT for me ;).

    i also think the second porb is a little bit more complicatet:
    if i use your latest image (quard boot) there is no possibility to activate (for raspberry 7″touchdisplay) the two-finger-touch for right click (https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=108&t=138575) anymore. there are a view other solutions (for right click), but non of them works with this image. on the other hand this is working fine with your tripple boot image, witch can t read the usb-ports :(.

    as i said, i am totaly fine with a working tripple boot image.

    thanks in advance, flo

    1. hi steve, update I

      your RetroPie_Raspbian_KODI_220916 image is running fine on kodi, but on the raspbian partition something is wrong.

      unfortunately it is not possible to connect a flashdrive via USB port on raspbian: “The specified directory ‘/media/pi/xyxy-xyxy’ is not valid”.

      same for rp2+3. can u fix this? would be so GREAT. THX

    1. Still works the same for me. Just plug an empty USB stick into the Pi and it will create the directories. Wait for your status light to stop. Then, plug into your computer and add ROMs to correct folders. Again, plug into the Pi and it should copy all the ROMs over. Wait for the activity light to stop. Hope this helps.

  51. Hi Steve,

    about to try (this) my first multiboot on a PI 3 tonight. Is there anywhere you can point me to best practice instructions on the correct method for the USB install?

    This looks amazing – A Christmas full of retro games for me (hopefully).

    Alan Kelly

  52. Hello Steve,

    You have done a very nice job! I have currently installed OSMC, Rasplex, Retropie and raspbian on rpi3. I have updated my rasplex yesterday to 1.7.1 version and I have noticed that your custom skin doesn’t work well. Is there a way to update your multiboot skin? Also I would like to know if you can add Plex media player as a fifth OS to boot from. Today Plex company announced that it’s free to everybody.
    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work

  53. I was wondering if you could help me. I updated the version of retropie and after it was completed the icons for Raspbian and Rasplex are missing. I tried using FileZilla to copy them from another build but the files don’t show up when I SSH into my pi.
    Any suggestions?

    1. No worries, I figured it out. I used sftp to copy the raspbian, rasplex and carbon.xml file to the updated Pie from an original image in the /home/pi folder. Then I copied them into the /etc/emulationstation/themes/carbon folder. Worked like a charm. Great build.

  54. Hello,

    I have problems setting up a flash USB OS on the RPi with your quad boot setup. I do not want to use the USD Flash Disk solely as a means to install the quad OS, but use it as a permanent Root drive for the OS’s.

    I am new to linux. I followed this tutorial but the specifics are not exactly the same as your setup.

    As a result, I cannot find a cmdline.txt for your quad boot and redirect to the correct drive.

    I tried to alter your recovery.cmdline file but it seems that you use the RAM as a root. This didn’t work out:

    runinstaller quiet ramdisk_size=32768 root=/dev/sdc1 init=/init vt.cur_default=1 elevator=deadline

    I have a 16Gig SD card and a 32Gig USB Flash Drive.

    I was hoping I could use the 32Gig USB Flash Drive for all the OS of the quad boot. I also have a lot of Roms.

    My 16Gig SD doesn’t seems big enough.

    Could you give me some indications or a tutorial (USB Flash Drive) so I could achieve this?

    I know that in your ReadMe.txt file you have instructions on how to INSTALL from a USB stick, which is what I did the first time. But then I ran out of space when my other USB stick containing Roms started synchronizing with the Quad OS SD Boot.

    Thank you

  55. Hi,
    Excellent job…I´m new to Linux and the Raspberry experience. I saw the option to buy the WD PieDrive which they mentioned that they have coded the SD card to boot to NOOBSOS and have the OS(s) installed on their HHD or USB stick to prevent the SD card from failing out by having many read/write events.
    I see that ALEX (comment on December 3, 2016 at 7:25 am) has similar issue.
    Could you please explain or code how to Quad boot using a HHD or USB stick as the main partition or device where the OS(s) are to be installed to…

    In the future I would like to add a fifth OS such as Windows 10 for testing.

    Thank you

  56. I dont see the same options that show in the video of what to install. I have a large number of things to chose from but not the same as your video. I think i only had libre and raspbian. did i do something wrong i installed the usb way. compied the os to a usb drive the rest went to the minisd.

  57. Steve,

    Regarding Plex and allowing non-Primary users to access the custom Switches to the other Boots.

    I checked inside the Plex Skins and YES, there is some sort of UserRestriction type tag which seems to block/allow particular entries for Managed Users (non-Primary Plex accounts).

    I went ahead and Updated RasPlex and applied your script edit into a new one RasPlex had. The latest RasPlex update made your Custom Skin look all out of whack.

    1. Let me rephrase that last paragraph:

      I went ahead and updated RasPlex and applied your script edit into a new Rasplex SKIN. I did this because your old Custom Skin made the menus look all messed up. This way I was able to use the latest RasPlex and the latest/greatest Skin as well along with your script 🙂

      1. Hi,
        What skin are you using.
        Although I’ve played around wit Rasplex, I’ve only resently started going more into it.
        What other changes did you make to the stock build for improvements??

        1. I think the skin is called plex_black_editionHT. You’ll have to modify it to add in Shortcuts to the Boot partitions though (Retropie, Raspberian, etc).

          1. Hi @ ZACHARY H DENNY,
            Can you state exactly how you added the shortcuts to the new skin plex-black-edition??

  58. Hey,
    Really nice work!!!
    Could you give to us more option of retro emulator like recalbox it’s better for beginners like I was 🙂

    Please Do it 🙂

  59. Hi there wizard of Pies XD

    Im an artist and new guy on programing elctronic of things.
    But i only have macs so i face the OS wars . I found your Quad OS verry interesting . I tryed to do the drag and drop on my overkill 128 GB sangsung SD card not fake. But it show the Red LED on my Raspi and no boot ( and on a SD 16 GB works) .
    Im i doing something wrong ?
    Can you do a Mac show and tell ? how to work the Quad pi on macs?


  60. Steve,
    First off I want to say thank you for these great builds but I was wondering if you could take a look at my log files from OSMC on my quad-boot. It keeps dropping wireless connection at random, I have it set up on a static IP and all I could see in the logs is a wpa supplicant error. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  61. Tell me guys how to get into games in retropie i dont see any option here ;P. I am clicking retro pie but i am getting into options only where i have audio bluetooth etc or second option menu “Main Menu” but i have here Scraper, sound settings etc

  62. I can’t seem to go back into noobs if I want to reset everything again. Pressing shift during boot doesn’t do anything at all… it just boots straight into whatever OS I last went. How can I change this behaviour?

    Oh and if you can add recalboxOS into the list, that would be awesome! It’s like retropie on steroids 😀

  63. Hi, i have a Rpi3 B with a lcd 6.3
    I´d downloaded the quadboot file and did exactly as u´d on the anterior video.
    Is there something different im this new version?

    Please can u help me to install.

    Thanks i advance.

  64. Hi, I’m a NOOB and having an issue installing the Quad boot.
    When I extract it states there are a few files with the same name do you want to overwrite them. Either way If I say yes or no. I am unable to moot the Pi. It gets to the install screen and tries to connect to the internet. I’m currently stationed in Antarctica so there is no downloading large 2G files. I basically only have the downloads from before I left in Nov. Am I doing something wrong or was there a Major update that I missed? Thank for any input and Yes its cold, but a tad warmer that the East cost currently.

  65. Thanks!! This is so Great!
    Can you make a “LibreELEC (Krypton) v7.90.009 ALPHA” + “RetroPie”?
    Thanks a lot for your work!

  66. I installed and was playing with the rasperry pi and everything worked great until getting into KODI the program links to change from KODI to Rasperian, Plex, or RetroPi do not work please advise.. thanks!

  67. How would one go about changing one of the OS? I have a big retropie setup I would like to install to the card on NOOBS so when it installs, it puts all the roms etc on it.

  68. So there is an option to add Attract mode instead of emulationstation to retropie, but would I be able to delete the retropie install and install an attract retropie image via NOOB. Would I also lose multiboot to Kodi and other OS from within retropie then, and also from other OS into retropie.

    1. Yea… it won’t let me update to the newest attract mode. I keep getting error

      flags: -Wl,–export-dynamic -DDATA_PATH=”/usr/local/share/attract/” -O2 -DNDEBUG -I/opt/vc/include -L/opt/vc/lib -Iextlibs/miniz -Iextlibs/audio/include -D__STDC_CONSTANT_MACROS -I/usr/include/freetype2 -I/usr/include/AL -Iextlibs/squirrel/include -Iextlibs/sqrat/include -Iextlibs/gameswf -DFE_RPI -DUSE_GLES -DUSE_FONTCONFIG -DUSE_AVRESAMPLE
      fatal: No names found, cannot describe anything.
      mkdir -p obj
      Compiling obj/fe_base.o…
      In file included from src/fe_base.cpp:24:0:
      src/fe_util.hpp:28:27: fatal error: SFML/Config.hpp: No such file or directory
      compilation terminated.
      Makefile:412: recipe for target ‘obj/fe_base.o’ failed
      make: *** [obj/fe_base.o] Error 1

      1. Hi.

        Sorry but I have no experience with Attract Mode I’m afraid. I will look into it though with the view of making an image that includes Attract Mode.


  69. Thanks to all! I finally extracted all the files except the OS Folder and then extracted the OS folder to the USB. No files wanted to overwrite. were playing old school games this holiday. Merry Christmas from McMudro Station, Antarctica.

  70. I have Raspbian, recalbox and LibreElec in my raspberry, how can I boot from Raspbian to the other OS’s without reboot, what is the command or the script?

    1. Hi.

      You will always need to reboot to access a different OS as they are located on different boot partitions (and storage partitions). There is no other way to have a multi-boot setup function.


  71. I was wondering, is there any way I can put touchscreen features on this multiboot? I am using a waveshare 5inch touchscreen, but you have to download a file to make it have touchscreen. But, I don’t have a keyboard to type in any thing on the pi. Can you please help with that?

    1. Hi.

      If you have the drivers then you can install them over FTP or SSH using a PC connected over your home network. That would be the only other way around it I think.

      Good luck!

  72. Hi, can I use this to make a Dual or Triple boot?
    I’d like to use this one because this one has Raspbian Pixel.
    So, is this one capable of create a Dual Boot or Triple Boot?

    1. Hi.

      Yes you can use this for a triple boot, all you have to do is remove the links to the OS you have not installed and it should be fine.


  73. Hi. I have installed Pixel, LibreELEC and Retropie. On first boot I selected RetroPie which is working, Pixel also works. However, when I select Kodi there is a message “No Kodi partition found”. Any suggestion how I can fix this?

    1. Hi.

      I’m not sure what has went wrong to be honest? How big is the memory card you have used and did you tweak any of the partition size settings before installing?


      1. Hi, its a 32gb micro SD card. I wiped the card before starting and formatted it to MS DOS. Do you if I can wipe the card and start again?

        I tried formatting the card again but it wouldn’t unmount one of the boot partitions. I considered using the dd command to wipe but honestly I haven’t used it before. Any suggestions/advice appreciated.

  74. Hi Steve & All,

    RE: cannot find the path (/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ )

    As you all mentioned, we need to add rom under /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ for Retropie, problem is that I could not find such directory after I installed quad boot build on my RPi3 as normal.

    Could anyone point me to the correct direction or provide me with step by step guideline on how to fix it?

    Many thanks!

      1. After i installed Quad Boot build on my RPi3, I unplug SD card and insert into SD card reader in my Mac but unable to locate the path (/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ ) in any partition of SD card?

        1. Hi.

          I don’t use a Mac personally but I assume it cannot read EXT4 partitions (same as Windows)? What you might see is the FAT32 partition(s), but these are boot partitions, not storage partitions. You will need a Linux OS to read and write EXT4 partitions, or a special program designed for just that if you want to use it on Mac or Windows.

          Easiest option is to use FTP or Raspbian!


  75. Hello,

    Thanks for the build! I figured how to remove the Rasplex shortcuts both from Kodi and from Retropie, but there are still 2 things I cannot do:

    1. I am unable to enable “always boot to kodi” in Retropie although I’ve booted to Kodi from Retropie and have then come back to Retropie and rebooted system and also tried the reboot emul station option…

    2. I have no sound in Retropie nor in Kodi although it works perfectly in Raspian. Kodi is able to detect the sound option (USB Bose) but not to play any sound… although it works in a previous build I used (of Jarvis 16.1 booted from Raspian).

    Can you please help with both problems? In the mean time, I’ll save this build so I can work on it later on…

    Thanks in advance!!!

    1. I too cannot get the enable “always boot to kodi” in Retropie to work. The screen does go black, than comes back to the Retropie menu, but the boot is never affected. I’ve launched Kodi from Retropie several times.

      any help would be appreciated!


  76. Installed Raspbian,Kodi and RetroPie. My problem is in RetroPie I have entrys for Kodi,rasplex but when I try to use, states invalid partition. Kodi is there through the rasbian menu and works. So I want to remove the entrys for Kodi and rasplex only from the RetroPie menu.

  77. HELP! NOOB HERE. When trying to extract the contents of the zipped file on google drives I get an error that says for a few of the tar.xz files “Write error in the file……. / Probably the disk is full” What do I do to get around this? I’ve redownloded the file twice just incase it was corrupt.

  78. Thanks for the great build. I just got my first RaspberryPi3 and trying to get it running in the way I like.

    Your Quadboot Build is perfect for that. The only problem i encountered for now is this:

    I want to play my Roms from my usb drive and not from the sd card. To be able to do this I need to Update the RetroPie Setup Script. I have done this in Retropie and it works pretty well.

    But now i cant enter Kodi, Rasplex or Rasbian because I got no Permissions for that. Every time i launch the Shortcut it say “Permission denied”.
    To be exact it trys to launch the (e.g.) raspian.sh but it cant launch it.

    Hope I could explain it a bit.

    Is there any way to fix my Permissions problem? Which User needs which Permission and how do I grant them?

    1. Ok i found the problem:

      The kodi.sh script is located in the “Roms” Folder. This folder is moved with all the other Folders to the usb drive.

      But the shortcut trys to launch the script from the old location (where nothing is). Dont know why its giving “Permission denied”.

      Now I just have to know how to change the path for the shortcut to execute the kodi/rasbian/rasplex.sh script.

          1. Wasnt Permission Issue in the End.
            Because I updated the RetroPie Setup Script i needed to edit the “Es_system.cfg” file.
            You can find it in “/etc/emulationstation/” .

            Type in “sudo nano /etc/emulationstation/es_system.cfg” to open the cfg file and search for Kodi, Rasbian and/or Rasplex with ctrl+w.
            You will find some lines for this “System” and you need to edit the “%ROM%” line by adding a simple “Bash” in front of %ROM%.

            It should look like this:
            “bash %ROM%

            you do this only for the Kodi, Rasbian and Rasplex System Lines. After saving with ctrl+x you need to reboot and its done 🙂

  79. hello steve

    thank you for this incredible build it works wonders on the RPI3 just one question for you ive tried to use a 2.5 inch hdd as a boot device and have no luck any ideas on how i can do this its a low power hdd and has been done before but i cant seem to get my head around it please help mate

    all the best and a happy new year to you


  80. Hi @ Steve,
    I updated Rasplex and have to change the skin because it got a little distorted.
    How exactly do I add the other boot shortcuts to a new skin?

  81. Hey guys!

    Quick question… would I be able to clone my 16gb card that has your quad-boot installed over to say, a 64gb card? Would I have to adjust the partition sizes to accommodate the bigger space? Awesome stuff here btw! Thanks!

  82. Just wanted to say thank you – used your Quad-Boot for my first ever attempt at retropie (with the added bonus of Kodi) and I LOVE it! Great work.

    One question, if I wanted to use all of the config files I’ve created for RetroArch (by which I mean settings changes etc) and Retropie on a Retropie only build, is that something that can be done by means of copying certain files, without starting from scratch?

  83. hello,
    so I downloaded the quadboot but for some reason rasplex wouldn’t load. when I tried from retropie it said no partitions found. I went to the rasplex folder and it said one of the files was corrupt. I think it said the opelece file. so I went back and just choice 3 out of the 4 how can I go back later and add rasplex if I want?

  84. C ‘ is good, j found the solution in the file readme:I have also added an ‘Always boot to ..’ function in Raspbian – it is located in
    the start menu under ‘System Tools’ and again you will need to have launched into
    each of the OS’s from Raspbian at least once before you will see this option. When you
    select this option the menu item will be replaced with a ‘Disable Always Boot To ..’
    under ‘System Tools’. Choose this if you want to switch back to normal startup
    behaviour in Raspbian.

  85. But I have another problem; black screen in the starting up of raspbian, (the other os are OK) j noticed that the file dev/root is full is 100 %,

  86. Hey! Works great and I can also update retropi which is good but how can I add another operating system? I`d love to have Kali Linux Lite on board but I don`t know to to. with berryboot its easy but I like your image much better, please help me

    1. Read the README.TXT he includes in the download.
      “1) Format a micro SD card using the ‘FAT32’ file-system.”

      If it is not explicitly ‘FAT32’, you will only get a black screen when trying to boot the Pi.

      I find the easiest way to do this is using gparted in Linux… But I have Win10 and Linux dual booted. I’m sure there’s a Win application out there that can do this.

      If that isn’t your problem, read through the Troublshooting section in the README.TXT, you might find something useful in there.

      1. exFAT works. I had to use a 32GB, which got filled after the quad boot plus ROMS. I wish i knew why we can’t use a 64GB.

    2. I have been going crazy, it won’t recognize my 64GB Sandisk card and I’ve attempted the install several times on 2 separate pi’s

      1. I was having the same struggle. I saw that the card I was using had about 15mb of unallocated space so, thought that might have something to do with it. Well, it did. Here’s what worked for me.

        cmd to open dos prompt
        type diskpart and say yes
        you’ll see your hard drives listed.
        type select disk # (Where # is the disk number of your sd)
        type clean
        type create partition primary
        type exit
        now go to your formatting program
        (I used Macroit Disk Expert Free)
        format your sd with fat32
        copy over the contents of the noobs folder to your SD
        plug it in fire it up and jump for joy
        I hope it works for you.

  87. I just downloaded and had a few questions about how this works….

    So it uses noobs, and I asume these are all stock images edited with scripts/links to reboot into the chossen os.

    How does this process work?

    I have imagined this concept, and think you have implemented it exactly.

    Does the “boot to chosen os script/shortcut” just, edit the noobs default os then reboot?

    Will those “reboot to choosen os scripts” continue to work after individual system updates?

  88. First… Thanks.. I’ve downloaded and installed the Quad boot on my first Pi, I’ve ordered a 2nd Pi and have downloaded the Triple boot ready, which I’ll be tweaking the partitions to allow more space to RetroPie (and not needing RasPlex, as OSMC/Kodi can link to my Plex now). But I have a quick question, I’m guessing it’s NOT possible, but the partitions, can they be changed AFTER the fact, using GParted or similar (I don’t want to try and goof it up). I’ve realized I’ve not got enough space for RetroPie, and I know OSMC, Rasbian and RasPlex don’t need as much as RetroPie. If it can’t, thats cool, figured I’d ask and I’ll probably end up going a re-image as I know what to do and what to change… Keep up the good work!

  89. I know this might be very simple, but how do I update retropie? Tried command updates but says no space available. I know you mentioned something about a folder sometime in October. Would you please elaborate a little on how to do an update?

    Thanks again for this great build man. I’ve really learned a lot from you and from everyone here. Happy New Year!

  90. Oh, one more thing, I’ve been playing retropie with a wired controller all this time and just now I lve decided to go wireless via Bluetooth, so I was going to install the packages but keep getting an error. I’m guessing it’s because the pi doesn’t detect any free space? Do you know how to work around this? Or anyone?
    Thanks again! To you and everyone.

  91. I’m such a dummy. the storage was full. i had no idea i had 4gb of games on fba. I think that happened when i plugged my thumb drive, it just copied everything to the pi. got them deleted and now updating and all is good. now gotta figure out have to fit all 14gb of games in there…maybe more later.
    Anyone has any ideas? currently have a 32gb storage, would a 128 or a 64gb work? would I need to resize the partition size of the retropie? I see it’s about 4gb? not sure if that cause I have a 32gb or it’s just the default you set for each os….any help would be very very appreciated.

    Thank You!

    1. Krayzie,

      There are a couple ways of doing this. If you are going to resize the partitions, I think that you need to do it before the install. You could get a larger SD card for more storage. You could also configure the roms to play from an external USB drive(faster speeds and less likely for the SD card to get corrupted). Finally, if you have your roms stored on your local PC, you could do a network share to play the games. More info on these methods can be found on the Retropie Wiki. Hope this helps.

      1. Yes but unfortunately 32GB was the largest that this worked with. I tried an identical 64GB Sandisk card and it didn’t even attempt the initial install. Just blank black screen as if there was no SD card plugged in to the Pi.

        I filled my 32GB quickly last night.

  92. Loved this install! Running in to some storage issues though. I only chose to install LibreELEC and RetroPie. Everything works perfectly however on the RetroPie side it only allocated 7.1gb of the 16gb MicroSD card. I can’t image that LibreELEC took up 9gb… Any ideas or solution to regain that lost space?

    1. Just found the storage info in Kodi. 511.mb7 went to /dev/mmcblk0p6. 6.6gb went to /dev/mmcblk0p7 with 6.1gb unused. and the rest 7.1gb went to /dev/mmcblk0p9 which is retropie. Is there a way to preconfigure the partitioning before setup? or even a way to do it now that I have everything set up how I like?

  93. Tried this. Works just ok, kind of. Most of my movie apps wont play movies for some reason. Only one of them works. Seems not worth it so far for me. I think it will need a lot more work for me to get it working right on raspberry pi 3b. Cool idea just maybe the pie 3b is not powerful enough or something. It stayed connected to the internet when I just had raspbian installed but now it seems to have connection issues.

  94. Hi,
    I asked this in the dual-boot build as well, but I may install this one as I prefer Libreelec over osmc.
    Would you be able to explain the process of adding the link to Kodi from the Plex default skin? I want to use a different skin (Plex Black Edition), and want to add the link to it?

  95. i have installed on raspberrypi 3 with a 32GB SD card
    but wipi dosen’t works. No searched AP
    how can i do that?
    plz help me

  96. Hello installed the quad boot for raspberrypi 3 my kodi addons are not saving when I boot into raspbain then back into kodi noob here any help would be appreciated

  97. Hey Steve,
    Great job on the image works beautifully on a Pi3, however Im trying to install ibreelec and kodi on a pi2 but dont have the option to specifically for libreelec. I also only have an 8GB card on this one. Do you know what maybe causing this behavior?

  98. Hi,
    When trying this build on RPI3 with 64 GB card, its unable to proceed further and stuck while formatting to ext4 .
    However working fine with smaller capacity sd cards , is there any issue with NOOBS with higher capacity cards ? I have faced similar kind of issue with berryboot , it cant go further while formatting to ext4. Could you please assist. many thanks.

    1. Bilbolll Download the quad-boot image and install only that you need. if you want retropie and raspbian, select that in the install menu

  99. Installed this boot yesterday, and so far, so good! Only updated Raspbian so far, and it took over an hour! Is there an easy way to update all of the OSes at once, or do I need to do it manually every time?

  100. OpenELEC 7.0 got released – will you update this image? On a related matter, I have this installed on a floppy – if I let OpenELEC auto-update itself will the scripts under Programs still boot the other OSes?

  101. Great work Steve! I love your quad boot. I ran into a little problem, I hope it’s an easy fix. In retropie I went to the retropie setup and I did an (Update Retropie script) after that was done I perform a reboot. When retropie came back up my Raspbian and Plex logo in the main menu were gone I was left with just the word Raspbian and Plex with a white background. I guess my question is how can I get the logos back on the main menu? And make it look nice again? I hope to hear from you soon, and thanks for everything!!

    1. This happened to me as well when updating via “Basic Install,” so I’m looking for a fix.
      I’m pretty sure this has to due with the theme specified in the es_systems.cfg file.
      I believe you need to extract from the original image
      (NOOBS Files\os\RetroPie\retropie.tar.xz)
      …the raspbian and rasplex folders (located here: /etc/emulationstation/themes/carbon), and replace them. Though I don’t know if simply copying those folders into your existing “themes/carbon” folder will suffice…

      1. Not sure how to permanently fix the themes. Most of my knowledge comes from this:

        I chose to copy the “raspbian” and “rasplex” theme folders to /home/pi/.emulationstation/ and modify each system’s theme.xml to reflect the new location of the corresponding art files. Still had to remake the raspbian and rasplex folders and copy the theme.xml files to /etc/emulationstation/themes/carbon/ though. There is probably an easier way to do this, but mine looks right again.

  102. Nice job Steve!

    This Quad boot is amazing. I just installed it on my Raspberry Pi 3. I only have one problem so far, I can’t launch Retropie from anywhere (nothing happen). Do you have any idea why or if there’s a quick fix, or anything I should verify?

    Thank you!

  103. Does anyone knows how to control Kodi with this builds? I can’t control it from OpenElec, or LibreElec but I’m not sure about OSMC. Thanks!

  104. Oh my!! Sorry. I was trying to say I want to control KODI with a Gamepad in order to avoid switching to Keyboard or Phone App. Anyone has test it with Bluetooth XBox Controllers? Thanks in advance!

    1. Sorry I read another discussion similar than this with the admin. Sorry for the inconvenience, I understand this current version doesn’t support it native and it’s something it’s not going to be included. I hope sometime in the future you would make an “make your own builds” tutorial to use the version that supports it. Thank you!

  105. I know I am missing something easy here.
    I have the quadboot setup however no matter what OS I am in the links for Retropie do nothing. If I launce retropie first I can use it fine but after switching OS’s through retro I cannot get back all the links are not working.

    how can I choose to boot the partition through ssh or how can I get the scripts to work to be able to switch back into retro.

    1. I am having the same issue, but I can’t get to retropie at all. I am a clean install too. Can anyone out there help with this? Does it maybe have to do with the version of Kodi selected?

  106. I’m having a total nightmare installing this, and I want it so bad! followed instructions exactly and tried both with usb and without, just won’t work properly. I keep getting error messages. The furthest I’ve gotten was getting openELEC to boot (after an error message though) but nothing else would boot, the links to retropie and raspbian were there but nothing happened clicking on them :'( 2 days I’ve been at it, hopefully I’ll get there in the end but any tips would be greatly appreciated.


  107. Thanks for the great build first off!

    Is there a way to change the splash screen going to Kodi? Or can anybody direct me to the folder where the splash.png would be located at.

    I found the folder for the splash going to raspbian but not going to Kodi.

    Thanks in advance.

  108. When I updated retropie, I lost the Kodi shortcut. Now I have to boot into rasplex or pixel, then kodi. Any idea how to fix this, or did I miss something?

  109. just wanted to say, I’ve been dabbling with the games systems etc for a month or two now…. this build is bloody genius!! well done that man

  110. I’m having quite the head scratcher. When I go to do the USB install it doesn’t give me the option to install retropie. Anyone else have this issue? If so, how did you fix it? Thanks!

  111. Hey!
    I have a little problem. I have install successfully the build, but when I connect to an old tv(3.5mm jack), I have sound but no image in any of the systems. Can you help me?
    I am making this project to an old school, where kids go to have some fun, but we only have an old tv. Thank you for your attention.

  112. I’m new to all of this so bare with me.
    I understand from reading your read me file contained in the file. That the quad boot was designed to run on an 8 GB micro sd card minimum. And that 1000 in the files jason partition file represents 1 GB

    So if I install Rasbian 4500
    Retro pie 3000
    Rasplex 2500
    OSMC 2500
    = 12500 GB ?
    Shouldn’t it be less than 8000 to work? I have been trying to scale these numbers up to fit a 128 GB card the math isn’t adding up I’m probably understanding this wrong somehow.
    Unless those numbers were intended for a 16 GB card?

    I have altered mine for 128 GB as follows

    Rasbian 30000 false
    Rasplex 15000 false
    OSMC 15000 false
    Retropie 58000 true
    = 118000 = 118 GB
    Will this work? if not how could I adjust it to work

  113. Hey,

    I have a 128GB microSD card and I would like to have a bigger partition for Retropie, how can I resize partitions?

    Thank you very much for your help!

    1. Read the (read me) file contained in the installation program, You’ll need a few things.

      1 Notepad++
      2 Guieditor ( to remove exfat and change to fat 32 )

  114. hi steve, hope u are fine. please be so kind and take a look at my postings here on your site (27.11.2016, 29.11.2016). there is nobody else who can help me out. thanks in advance, flo

  115. hi i cant get this to install on my 64gig card.
    card has been sd formattered and converted to fat 32.
    i get as far as 127 m written untill it show creating filesystem
    ext 4 then it hangs .
    any ideas ?

  116. Hi,

    I also have issues with this quadboot and get the “Error resizing existing FAT partition”.

    I have tried with 2 SD cards and both formatted as FAT32 with SD formatter tool.

    I have then followed these instructions:

    # Standard Install #
    Copy the whole contents of the ‘NOOBS Files’ folder and paste them
    directly into the root of the SD card (make sure you don’t just
    copy the actual folder, it has got to be whats inside the folder
    or it wont work!)

    I haven’t tried to format the cards through my camera yet because it’s using a Compact Flash and right now I don’t have any adapter for the micro SD.

    Is there any other alternative solution to overcome the error?


    1. I should add this issue only happens when I do a NOOBS installation.

      Before I burned on the same cards a Raspbian image and it worked just fine.

  117. Thanks so much for doing this. I am new to the Pi world and a curious problem came up while following your video.

    After going from Kodi to Retropie, the pi goes to a flashing green light 7 or 8 times. I have to wipe the SD card and start over again in order for it to work.

    I have tried a different SD card and that has not resolved the issue.

    Any ideas?

  118. I’m very new to the whole Pie scene. Trying to build a triboot system with Retropie, Kodi and Rasplex. I was successful in installing this amazing Triboot! Hats off to you sir! Amazing work! My one problem I’m dealing with is I dont seem to have enough room for all my game Rom files. This is a 200gb card and it should all fit I would think. My question is, does this build create 3 partitions on the drive? 1 for each system? That would explain the lack of space. Anyone have any ideas around this? I need about 128gb for just the retropie build. I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to figure this out. Any help would be appreciated!


  119. On 1st boot, I installed openelec only… how do I go back to that 1st screen to choose the other things to install (raspbian, retropie, etc.).


    1. depending on how much work you put into your build. How about just formatting the card and start over and select the options you want? I’m not sure if there is a way to go back and add. Maybe someone with more knowledge can chime in.

    1. The Pi 2 is known to go up to 1150Mhz… but the majority of the boards aren’t really stable after 1050/1000Mhz
      Ram to 500Mhz That’s the same of the pi3

      1. Hi,
        Yea I have had mine @1000Mhz since Pi2 first came out.
        Want to increase that maybe to the 1050Mhz, keep it in the stable range.
        Wanted to know anyone who have theirs overclocked, what are their settings if its stable for them

    1. They have an updated libreelec noobs image on the site, u can open in 7-zip and place the files u need insteed of the build version from steve, then u just install his addons and you should be fine. Just make sure u login first in kodi otherwise the others cant recognize the partition on his scripts!
      U can update via libreelec menu also, but that broke my build once so i had to start over a few times!

      1. Could you explain how to do that? Some of us (like myself)are real noobs. Do you copy post installation of OSes or do you copy the files in the OS folder? I can figure out the addons but just getting The new Librelec is my challenge.

  120. Hi Steve, thank you for this awesome work man, you are a very dedicated person!

    Would it be too much to ask you how did you make the Noobs recognize the OS from the flash drive?

    Could you also post whenever you have time the retropie and raspbian scripst so that we could use in our own updated builds?

    I´d Really apreciate it, that would spare me lots of hours just trying to understand what you did, you genious!

    have a nice week

    **by the way, you need to use linux to make a noob compatible tar like retropie since they dont have the noobs image?

  121. Fantastic work!

    Two questions:
    1) I installed 4 systems (Librelec, Retropie, Rasbian and RasPlex) on a 16gb micro-sd. Works great, but I have noticed that I am running out of space – especially in Retropie (already moved roms to usb). Since I managed to install Iceweasel/chromium in Retropie I dont really need Rasbian anymore. Would it be possible to remove that partition and resize the others? Or backup settings for LibreElec / RetroPie and create a new image.

    2) Is it possible to update LibreElec to v18? Enough Space?

  122. Hi. Great work. I have my Pi3 working fine. But for done reason my Pi2 when I run Retropie from raspbian. It boots to the retropie command prompt. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks again

  123. Hi,

    Great build but ran into problems.
    I installed retropie, osmc, raspian and libreelec and it worked great.
    Osmc then updated to its newest Feb 2017 and my troubles began.

    On going into pixel, the osmc has disappeared and I can’t get back to it.

    I am a complete beginner with the pi but used msdos back in the day a lot. How do you look for partitions and ‘login’ to get full access etc.

    Please get in touch as this is a great build and would love to use it.


  124. hi, thanks for you’re work. looks good. i’m testing right now.

    What i really want to know is. How to load roms from a (NFS) share? how to get this to work?


    1. got it to work.

      First i test the nfs share with:
      sudo mount -t nfs /home/pi/RetroPie/roms
      ls /home/pi/RetroPie/roms
      which list the folders on the share.

      sudo nano /etc/fstab
      and add this: /home/pi/RetroPie/roms nfs ro 0 0

      save and reboot.

  125. hi, how to boot other installs? it boots only retropie and no others. also when choose kodi from retropie it didn’t find any kodi partitions it says.
    how can i boot kodi?

  126. Hey man. Amazing work. Iove using it. Just a suggestion quick.

    I was wondering if you could make a multi boot that also includes Moonlight?

    I would be the happiest man in the world to be able to not only have these 4 operating systems seamlessly integrated into one device, but including the ability to stream steam games from my Nvidia powered PC.

    Once again, thank you for your amazing work

  127. Hi Steve!

    What an amazing build you’ve done, thanks so much!

    I’ve installed just Raspbian & Retropie, it’s what I use on a daily basis.

    I can transfer files from my PC to my RPi3 via wifi (=wifi settings are OK, hardware works) but I get no internet connection. Been trying to solve this for weeks now.

    Please help!


  128. Hi! Love the build. I may have missed it, but how can I force it to boot to Raspian all the time on start up?


  129. I have a question.

    Do you have instructions how to create updated version of your builds with latest (or specific) version of OSMC + Retropie (4.1)?

    Can I update Noobs to the latest (2.3) version or there is some magic done on the leval of Noobs?

  130. Hello,
    Nice build but I have a big problem. I install just raspbian and OMSC. I can boot to raspbian but when I try to boot to OMSC from raspbian I cannot boot. It shows that cannot find mmcblk0p7.
    The only way to bring it back is by removing the SD and change the boot partition in autoboot.txt to 0 or 1. I boot once in OMSC, run updates and then I cannot boot again.

    I have RPI 3, full updated (update and dist upgrade)

  131. if you charge $5 to post a question on this thread you’ll be making some serious money since most PEOPLE ASK REALLY STUPID QUESTIONS that can be easily answer by a google search not to mention that it would keep this thread clean (:

  132. hi,
    how can i modify the config files for this multi bot image?
    I need to set hdmi mode and overscan in the config in order to get the proper resolution for my screen and have audio, i have tried to modify the retropie config and rezip it, but it didnt work.

  133. Has there been any attemp to install to usb hdd? I’m currently trying this, as I just purchased a western digital pidrive. The raspberry pi 3 is able to boot from usb with no sd card. I’m able to make this boot for rasbian, but not the multiboot.

  134. Hello and thank you for such an excellent build! I’m fairly new to all things Linux-based, but I’m starting to sharpen my teeth on the grey-beard platforms (LOL) My question is as follows:

    I installed the full quad-boot and it has been working beautifully. I received a Steam Controller to game with and I wanted to try it out on the RasPi. I found dozens of articles on how to make it happen, and most are instructing me to add a specific .rules file in the /lib/udev/rules.d folder. The problem is that I am not authorized to do so.

    I’ve tried SSH into the box and build the file through vi, I’ve tried to use an FTP client to copy the premade .rules file, I’ve tried putting the microSD card that runs my quad boot into another Linux machine via USB and digging down into it that way to copy the file or write the file. No luck and walls at every turn.

    I’ve tried su, but I can’t authenticate to it. Is there a big flashing issue that I’m just being blind to seeing? Any help would be vastly appreciated!

  135. I am fairly new to the raspberry world so im not sure if my question might come of as dumb. Anyways, is there any reason why this quad boot might not or does not work with a pi zero w. I have already installed it to the pi however, when i boot it up it goes into the os menu, and when i click one of the OS the screen goes completely black and no image will reappear unless i reconnect the power.

  136. Hello,

    I have performed the retropie/osmc dual boot on my raspberry pi 3. It defaults to booting to osmc on starting up. Is there a way i can set this to a startup screen where i can choose which platform i wish to boot to?

    Thank you for your help.

  137. Hi,
    Just bought a Raspberry Zero Pi W which I’d obviously just use headless but I wanted to test LibreElec too cause I read it’s *usable* even on the Zero. So I wanted to ask if with the quad boot I can only install the raspbian headless (not the Pixel) version and (obviously) the LibreElec.

  138. OSMC died and i had to remove kodi and the kodi.bak due to a corrupt Addon, how can i add Retropie and Rasbian back into the program list?

  139. hi.
    i have one question . if i wanted to install latest versions of this OS’es. how can i install updated versions and have multiboot ? thanks

  140. Hi, i’ve installed the newest version of Kodi (Krypton), and do not see the icons to switch to Raspbian, Retropie, or plex. How do I get that functionality back? I love the quad-boot setup. I’ve looked and the filesystem appears to still be identical as I took a backup before upgrading to Krypton. Thanks for the help!

  141. Hey, this is incredible! Thanks for putting it together.
    I’m in the same boat as Brian and Thomas, I would love to upgrade Kodi… please let us know if it can be done!

  142. Is there anyway to make torrent files available for download? The Google Drive downloads, while much appreciated appear to be extremely slow compared to available download and bandwidth speeds. Thanks.

  143. Time for a big update. Kodi Krypton is now required to make anything run. Pixel is broken in your install, and Retropie has updates and so has the key component emulation station. I really like the idea of this build and hope you have a update soon as of right now this is dead.

    1. Hi @ Jodi.
      You can update everything manually which I have done and it works except for Kodi since I have no problem using Jarvis so far which still works great..

  144. First of all thanks to the excellent work you’ve shared with us,
    Now I want to know after months of adjustments and improvements how can I have a BACKUP (.IMG) to have an exact copy of the system (partitions, files, configs) that I can copy to any other raspberry pi?
    There are easy solutions to
    Thanks in advance for your patience.

  145. I’m just getting into Raspberry Pi. I’m curious if I’m going to be able to update raspbian pixel plex and reto to the newest version if i use this image.

    Im almost positive i can but just want to confirm.

    Thanks a ton in advance!

  146. i didnt resize my partitions befor installing and now retropie only has 4gb. i need more is there a posibility to resize the partitions without lsing my kodi and retropie files as ther are

  147. Hi Steve – Thanks for your work. Previously had a triple boot setup and tried to upgrade OSes without backing up. Gummed things up. I’m now trying the Quadboot but am running into trouble when I try using NOOBs (/os/ on USB and the rest on SD card) to install Raspbian, OpenELEC, and RetroPie. An issue with a short read on a tar. I’m wondering if there was an issue when I downloaded the .zip file. Do you have a checksum for it so I can check that out before downloading again?


  148. Thank you so much for this quad-boot. Your great video’s made it easy to install for me, an extreem noobie. Updating OpenELec to 7.01, kodi16.1 no problem. With the OpenElec backup add-on, I was able to choose to backup only addons and database and to restore them to your built. As for usb-backup: I use USB-Image tool from alexpage.de. It does not shrink, but makes an exact image. I already could test it, as I opened RetroPie before I set OpenElec to autostart and without having a gameconsol or usb-keyboard, Idid not know how to quit Retropie and keepit from starting up at every reboot. So I could test my USB-Image tool-image 😉 and that worked very well. Thank you, An

  149. Update Raspbian went well, but upgrading went wrong. After upgrading, I rebooted and Raspbian began to start, I saw 4 raspberries, but than the screen went black, with a blinking cursor and Raspbian didn’t start up. I am using a 16GB micros Sd and did not install the OS’s in the microsd-card card (but on an usb stick). Can it be that there is not enough space to upgrade?
    Thanks again, An

    1. Was having same issue a few months ago.
      I updated retropie and then it would only boot retropie even though pixel was also installed. The option to boot to pixel from retropie was not there.
      Thought they would have updated by now

  150. Excellent build! Thank you. I’m running Retropie and used the USB-mount from github to run my roms from USB. After doing that, I can’t boot Kodi, rasplex, or raspbian from Retropie because they are in the folder with all the rom folders. I’m new to this. Is there something you might suggest to fix that issue?

  151. Hello,

    Great job, but could you fix the problem with recalbox ?
    Cant switch this program, only the others are switchable between each others.

    Some install are getting old, would you update this package someday ?

    Whatever , Thanks for your job !!!

  152. Hey I’m using this setup minus rasplex. I have added an external hard drive which is enabled to run all my roms from. but Kodi and raspbian don’t appear in the menu. I tried copying the Kodi.sh and Raspbian.sh from the sd to the external hardrive this made them appear in retropie but when I click on them I receive a permission denied error. any ideas how I can fix this?


  153. Is it possible for u create a QUAD BOOT with RASPBIAN ‘PIXEL’, RETROPIE, KODI & RUNEAUDIO OR VOLUMIO???
    Tnx for your work btw

  154. The quad boot works great, good job.

    Could you please tell me how to set up a 3.5 ich Kuman touchscreen with this quad boot.


  155. I have this on 2 different Pi and after updating LibreELEC one of them no longer gives the menu at boot. However I can still switch manually by choosing the shortcuts that exist in each OS.

  156. Is it possible to update to latest kodi Krypton? And update retropie as well? Been using your image for a while and would like to update kodi now due to the high security issue with with older versions.

    1. Well I updated RetroPie and it broke the multiboot. There’s no menu at boot and I can’t even choose Kodi from within RetroPie and have it boot into it either.

      So it seems updating Kodi is safe but updating RetroPie is not.

      1. I can again reboot into LibreELEC from RetroPie. After doing a full update of the RetroPie OS it somehow removed the file /home/pi/.ss/autobootkodi.txt . After recreating this file it works again! So my Kodi is now v17.3 and my RetroPie is updated as of June 25th 2017 🙂

        Here are the contents of the file:
        pi@retropie:~/.ss $ cat autobootkodi.txt

        1. NICE!! Just what I’ve been wanting to do! I will try to update both Retropie and Kodi to latest versions!! I know I’m going to hit a little roadblock but I will try to figure it out and if I get stuck can I ask you how to do it?

          1. let me know how it went, i’m just getting a raspberry pi and was looking at multibooting like this but am a bit concerned by the out of date images.

  157. Hi Steve!

    I’m a newbie with Raspberry Pi and Linux but i’m very excited to learn a lot. This quad-boot build allowed me to start quickly and saved me many hours of hard work. 😉
    Thank you very much Steve, everything works perfectly!

  158. I was trying to get my 64GB card to read but it would not work no matter what I did. I tried the Windows 10 format disk – formatted as exFat and tried the Sd Formatter 4 but neither worked. I ended up finding this page http://www.ridgecrop.demon.co.uk/index.htm?fat32format.htm and downloaded the command line version and it worked like a charm. I am now in the process of extracting the operating systems as part of the RasPlex_Multi-Boot! Hope this helps someone struggling with the same issue!

  159. Great work on the multiboots! Just wondering if there is any way to reinstall one of the partitions (RetroPie in this instance) – as in wipe the partition and start again?

  160. Hello,

    I am brand new to Raspberry Pi and just put this quadboot on my Pi Zero W. Has anyone been successful running an Adafruit touchscreen? I have the 2.8″ TFT

  161. Awesome stuff man! really appreciate all that you do. Question, I have already did a multiboot of retropi, raspbian, and open elec, but it seems new boots have come out for say, open elec. is it possible to upgrade 1 of the 3 when you need to? or do you have to upgrade all 3 from scratch every time there’s new upgrades to any one of the boots if you want it?

    Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks, and let me know if there’s anyway to support! Cheers.

  162. If RetroPie is updated, the device will only boot into RetroPie. There is now way to change the behavior. You now have a Retropie box.

  163. Every since updating to Kodi 17, my menu disappeared. I keep getting “skin shortcuts error” on every boot and I can’t add any new menu items with any skins. Any idea on how to fix this?

  164. Thanks for the quad boot, it was what I finally needed to go out and buy my first Raspberry pi! However I was wondering if you could put out a quick guide on how could upgrade the quad boot rasberry pi’s kodi to Kodi 17.3 without losing data from rasplex, retropi, and rasbian. I scoured the internet but could not find any guides or anything on this subject.

  165. Thanks for the build.
    I have a problem to set up the wireless internet connection via graphical interface on Raspbian . Does anyone has the same problem?

  166. Great builds, but I need a little help, I’vegot the quad build running fine on my Rpi 3, but on trying to setup roms to run from usb, I have now lost the original shortcuts to retropie settings, Kodi, Raspbian etc, but I do have links to the different emulators, can someone tell me how I can get the shortcuts back please?

  167. Hi Steve…. Firstly… what a great build!! Been using your multi boot for a while without any problem. However I just purchased the 7″ Pi touchscreen and now everything is upside down…. I’ve followed the online instructions but that has only changed Jessie but none of the others.. everything else is upside down. Any ideas? Is there a way to rotate it through multi boot ?

  168. Looks pretty nifty but I can’t seem to resolve the FATs dont match error. I’ve formatted with several programs I’ve seen recommended (win10) and also on an android phone. Not really sure what the issue is. Never had the issue with any other installs except yours.

  169. Hi, after updating retropie will only boot into CLI .. has anybody else seen this?.. don’t seem to have the option to change using raspi-config .. emulationstation package is there but can’t start it … Any ideas how to fix would be most welcome thanks 🙂

  170. Hi Steve,

    first of all big thanks for these great builds, awesome job, I love it.
    I tried the quad- and triple-build on the pi3 and the installation process as well as each os work perfectly.
    I use Retropie, Libreelec (single os, not multi boot) and Raspbian (again single os, not multi boot).
    For I’m new to the pi I have this newbie question:
    No matter if I install from quad- oder triple-build and no matter which os of those I use (Retropie, Libreelec oder Raspbian) … when shutting down the system the green LED on the pi indicating access to the sd card keeps shining steadily (not flashing) and won’t turn off (no matter how long I wait). Is there anything I can do about it? Is this ok or a problem?
    I hope I managed to explain clear enough. 🙂

    Thanks and greets from Germany

  171. Great setup! I have should working in everything but raspbian while in HDMI. It seems HDMI but it does not output to it. Anybody know how to fix that?

  172. Hi, I have installed the multiboot without problems but cannot load cores (bios) for the emulation.

    Can anyome please let me know how to install cores?

    Thank you.


  173. Hello,

    I used youre build but every time I get some error’s
    sometimes it says can not mount then i get the message not enough space, I’am using a SD 32 Gb and I formated it with sd formater.

    Can the problem be my sd card?

  174. Steve,

    Thank you! I got this all set up and it’s working beautifully. Now I want to backup my SD card in case I push and update or make a change and everything falls apart. I’ve read that Win32DiskImager is the way to do this, but it is not working for me. When I put the SD card in my PC I get 10 drives appear in Windows and some are not readable by Windows. I even tried to image the first readable drive in the hopes it would back them all up but I just get an error that the device is unable to lock. Any ideas how I can back this up in to a neat little package I can restore if I get in a pickle?

  175. Hi Steve, I have download your quad boot zip file and I have a question. Is it possible for me to update retropie os and rasbian os on the microsd card BEFORE installing?
    I mean that can I try replacing the old os with a new before installing?

  176. I have a perfect setup running on a 64GB card. I recently got two 32GB cards that I’ve done a fresh install of your QuadBoot to. Now I want to copy all my Kodi, Plex, and Retropie configurations over to those 32GB cards so I don’t have to tweak everything again. Is there a simple way to do this?

    When I put the original SD in my computer I get a bunch of partitions/drives and don’t see where the data I would need to be copy is stored. Was hoping it would be a simple drag and drop process. I’ve tried Win32DiskImager but going from a 64GB card to a 32GB, it just won’t work.

    1. For up AND downgrade you can try either Acronis True Image or Gparted, afaik both can be used as liveCDs and Acronis can be installed, Acronis is free to try and gparted is open source (i think)

  177. I switched to another RasPlex skin and now that I’ve switched back to your PHTQuadBoot skin, it appears to be corrupt. How can I update/fix the skin without having to do a full install?

    1. I updated rasplex and my skin is also now corrupt. I have an orange line in the skin.

      Would be fine, if there is a repair for it.

      Thx in advance for your help.

      Best regards from Austria

      1. I had this too. I changed the skin to get rid of the orange line and huge icon in the background. However in doing so I lost all the direct links to the other boots.

        1. Any update on this?

          I have to switch themes to have a clean screen and then back to the messed up one to bounce over to the other programs.

  178. When installing, if I just pick three softwares am I just wasting a partition or does the unused space get divided among the three installed programs? I just want Raspian, Kodi and Plex.

  179. I’ve installed quad boot and it seems to run fine except for one thing. I boot into KODI and I see the different programs I can boot into but if I try to go into Retropi, nothing happens.
    Any idea what I need to do to get around this issue?

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