OSMC Dual-Boot Add-on

Here is an OSMC add-on that will launch RetroPie in my Dual-Boot RetroPie / OSMC build:

OSMC RetroPie Add-On (Dual-Boot) (6188 downloads)

The purpose of this add-on is to allow the use of any skin within OSMC (even those that don’t support custom script shortcuts), so you don’t lose the ‘Launch RetroPie’ button if you make any changes etc.

Another benefit is that the whole partition switching process is now contained in its entirety within this add-on, so no more random /ss/ or /noobs/ folders lying around! I will be using this add-on in all my future builds and have also uploaded it at the following location so you can load it in as you would a regular KODI addon:

(there are folders inside the above link for OpenELEC / OSMC, and then DualBoot / Triple Boot. Choose the path for your build and you will get to the .zip file you need to install)

*Please note this particular add-on will ONLY work in OSMC! I have other add-ons specifically for OpenELEC so if that is the OS you are using then please use those as this one will not work in OpenELEC.

All the best.



  1. Pleas, I saw RetroPie 3.7 just launched and I would like to know which version of it you used on this build.


    1. Hi.

      I was using 3.6 at the time. I will be waiting for v4 until I release a new build now which hopefully shouldn’t be too long.


  2. Do you have a how-to for setup of a virgin Raspberry PI as well as links/downloads needed to run a dual boot system?

  3. Installed fine but when I launch RetroPie it just reboots and goes back to OSMC. What did I do wrong? i’m still really new to raspberry pi

  4. How do I install these builts? Im having a really hard time trying to figure this out! lol All I want is RetroPie and OSMC to run with each other!

  5. Good work on this , now that my pi boots into retropie by default how do you change that so I get the options screen again

  6. Hello,
    I just bought a RPi 3 and am not able to get this to boot nor NOOBS v1.9.2 on its own. I am certain I have followed all instructions correctly; I get a blank display on my TV via the HDMI connection. I have read that it may be a display driver or compatibility issue. I’ve successfully installed and run OSMC on its own and I tried changing the display output settings so I know the SD card is compatible and I’m not in the wrong display setting. Any insights? Thank you for your help.


  7. Hello,
    Thanks for this dual boot!
    Just a question :
    Once installed, on the first screen I have the choice between “RetroPi (14 games installed)” and “Kodi”.
    When I choose “RetroPi” using the “A” configured button, it switches to RetroPi configuration menu, but I can’t find where I have to go to play games. I just go to the config menu. Did I miss something ?

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