Triple-Boot KODI Add-ons (RetroPie & Raspbian) for OpenELEC

Triple-Boot Add-ons


Here are 2 add-ons – RetroPie and Raspbian – for use in my OpenELEC Triple-Boot build:

Raspbian Add-on (OpenELEC Triple-Boot) (3965 downloads) RetroPie Add-on (OpenELEC Triple-Boot) (3214 downloads)

This means you can use *any* KODI skin in my Triple-Boot build now (including standard Confluence as seen above), and all my scripts are now contained inside these add-ons so no more random /noobs/ or /ss/ folders littered around your OpenELEC storage partition!

I have also simplified the scripts slightly so they follow a uniform layout which makes it quicker and easier to make a new add-on in the future.

I have added both add-ons to my ‘addons’ folder which can be added as a source in KODI using the following path:

(then follow the relevent paths through /OpenELEC/Triple-Boot/)

This means you don’t need to download the zip files linked above and instead you can add the path above as a source in KODI and install the zip files directly off the web.

Hope you find this useful – any questions just ask below.


All the best.


62 thoughts on “Triple-Boot KODI Add-ons (RetroPie & Raspbian) for OpenELEC”

  1. hey steve,
    i installed on a fresh 6.0.3 image and when i launch it reboots to kodi.
    am i missing something?

    amazing idea BTW!

    1. Hi.

      You do have my Triple-Boot boot build installed yes? I’ve just tested it again using a fresh install of my latest Triple-Boot build and it works fine for me?

          1. I am not able to download it in India. After 200mb of download, I am facing network error. Is it possible to upload it in torrent?

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  3. Did the same thing….installed the build but retropie and raspbian only launches back to kodi? Was so excited now i’m bummed…help please?

      1. sorry, I forgot I only installed one of the os and not all three..wanted to test out..restarted all over again and all works perfect! Thank you! You’re the man! One it possible to install a kodi build using ares wizard and not lose the ability to still boot to retropie and raspbian? Or will installing a build from Ares wipe that option for triple boot?

        1. Hi.

          Feel free to install any build you want – all you will have to do is install my add-on(s) on top of it so you can switch between OS’s and you’re set. It should all work great!

          Hope this helps.

          1. Thank You! Just wondering, do you know if it’s possible to use a ps3 remote for kodi and rasbian? I’m still using your triple boot image but only got the controller to work with retropie.

  4. Thank you for creating these builds. I’m new to the raspberry world. Is there instructions on how to install and use these builds? thanks.

  5. Sorry to keep posting and flooding the wall..I’m really stuck here and can’t find a solution. I installed your image with only retropie and kodi but everytime I change the skin I lose the option to launch retropie…I only see it under the Arctic zephyr. Can you tell me how to add it to the home menu?

    1. Oh yea, also, I only chose to install retropie and kodi and not raspbian. But when I try to boot from kodi to retropie, the link doesn’t work, but when I choose the launch raspian, it boots retropie…

      1. Hi.
        Sorry for delay in replying. I’m receiving a ton of spam comments on the site so it’s hard to see the genuine comments! :s

        So the way NOOBS assigns partitions is by alphabetical order. Therefore on a triple boot it would be in this order:

        1 OpenELEC
        2 Raspbian
        3 RetroPie

        Because you haven’t installed Raspbian then it has instead assigned RetroPie in the second ‘slot’. All the scripts are set up for the triple boot in that build so therefore if you change the install then you also need to change the scripts. You can resolve this in OpenELEC by installing my Dual Boot add on for RetroPie and linking it on the home screen. (Let me know if you need a hand doing this). Not sure why the other skins aren’t keeping my scripts (assuming you are using the skins I installed?).

        The link for KODI in RetroPie will work fine because the partition number will be the same regardless (it is always the first partition due to alphabetical order).

        Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any more info.


      2. ok, just added your source and added it on to program addons list. sorry I’m really new to this and learning so much from you guys. Thank you

  6. Awesome work, I am enjoying these setups. Are you planning a Triple Boot OSMC, Rasbian and RetroPie? Do you know how to add Rasbian to your Dual Boot OSMC/RetroPie? Also I have tried for hours to get PSX games to run and cant figure it out. do you know of a common overlooked step when setting up PSX? thank you again for all your hard work it is making my dive into all these programs/systems much easier.
    Thank you again.

    1. Hi.

      Thanks, glad you like it! I do plan to do a OSMC triple-boot, but I think I will probably wait for RetroPie v4 now, since 3.7 has just came out.

      As for PSX – where abouts is it failing? Do the games show in RetroPie?


  7. Hi:

    Thanks for your work. It’s amazing!
    But you include openelec 6.0.3 with Kodi 15.
    It’s posible to update to Kodi 16?

    Thanks for your work and time

    1. Hi,
      You can try to update it manually but Openelec is still in beta stage for kodi 16 that’s why it was not added for stability reasons.

  8. STEVE! I’m back to say what a great system. I switched all my devices over to it! one question though… the pi3 in my car… I can’t get it to switch over to the A/V out. Inside it works fine with the hdmi but when i bring it out to the car it wont switch over. With xbian it would switch over to A/V by its self.

    any suggestions?

  9. Hey Dude! This is an amazing build, i have been really enjoying it. I am having one issue when in Open elec I cannot connect through winSCP with the same user name and password (un: pi; pw:raspberry) is there a different default user name and password for Kodi or can you not connect via winscp?

      1. Hi.

        The login / password for OpenELEC is :

        user= root
        pass= openelec

        The “pi:raspberry” logins are only for RetroPie and Raspbian.

        Hope this helps!


  10. Hello i got a problem I can’t pair my 8bitdo snes controller.
    With the usb everything works. After the paring in system mode the buttons don’t work only the d pad work.
    I think the system recognize it as a keyboard. I don’t have a clue I tried everything .
    If someone can tell me how to fix this problem I would be very thankful.

    1. if its a pi2 you might not have enough power to run it. Try using a powered usb hub. pi3 should have enough power to run it. the new controller setup makes it pretty simple.

  11. It’s a pi3 and the problem is the Bluetooth connection between pi3 and controller. Usb connection works.

  12. Hi Steve Thanks for your hard work. I’ve only just bought the Raspberry Pi. So still getting used to it. I wonder if i could ask if you are going to use a newer Retropie Version And Newer Kodi.
    Be great if you could also any advise you can offer on before setting would be great appreciated.

  13. Let me try that again gotta love iPhones changing things.
    Hi Steve Thanks for your hard work. I’ve only just bought the Raspberry Pi. So still getting used to it. I wonder if i could ask if you are going to use a newer Retropie Version And Newer Kodi.
    Be great if you could. Also any advise you can offer on buffering issues in kodi settings would be great appreciated.

  14. Hi Steve I got everything to work on usb 64g but it only shows up as 10-12g or something like that was wondering if there is a way to expand the usb disk so I’m not waisting 40plus gigs?

    1. I know I had to use a different formatter to get it to us standard fat32 instead of exfat. After I did that, the OS you choose to have the have “want_maximised” : true set for will use up the remaining space. That is specified in the notes in the readme but the parameter is found in the partitions.json file in the os folders.

    1. Hi,
      You can update it yourself if you want to. You just have to ssh into your pi and drop the LibreElec download file into the ‘.update’folder and reboot.

      Hope that helps.

  15. Hi Steve,

    Your Tripple Boot works really fantastic – you rock! Are there any update plans? I would like to update RetroPi, Maybe you can give us a guide to do it by our own?


  16. do I need to set the retropie on a USB or it can be place on another partition on the SD card? And do I have to modify the in order to do that?

  17. Steve!! Just needed to say thanks so much for this! Ending up teaching myself a little coding now, and enjoying my new 6000+ game system, computer, and media server… You rock buddy 🙂 <3

  18. Triplebooters Help! I installed my Pi3 based on the guidance here and then I updated retropi and raspbian and things were great. I dumped a ton of roms with the usb method and now I get frozen at boot up to a file system error. It says permission denied to a rom folder in snes. Is there a keystroke to stop the boot process and go to console so I can delete the troubled files via CLI?

  19. I followed your install. Worked great. I launched into kodi, went over to launch retropie without any issues. When i exit retropie i cannot get back to kodi or raspian.

    Probably a simple solution but i am new to this and kinda stuck. I put the sd back into my computer and changed the autoboot file to a different partition to get it back to allowing me to select my desired boot setup. Its probably something simple.

  20. I have a 128gb micro sd, this is causing errors everytime I try to install using your version of noobs (RetroPie_Raspbian_OpenELEC_190316) (the original ver from the Pi website works fine) but get weird formatting and partition errors usually resulting in 0 bytes on the micro sd and making it so I cannot install. I sometimes get an error saying that
    Im using the wrong file to format the sd (during the noobs startup proceedure and a different one will be more future compatible). I have toomany roms to use a 16gbmicro sd and I have 2 128gb just sitting there doing nothing please advise….

  21. Great idea Steve.

    Is there a solution to upgrade from a fully configured openelec Version.
    So just RetroPie and Raspbian are freshly installed?

    I`m a bit afraid of loosing all my openelec custom configs.

    On my micro-sd card i have still lots of unpartitioned space left.
    How could i do this manually or with a script?
    I think the hardest part would be to get the boot loader ready for multiOS.

    1. Hi.

      You will need to access this from the terminal, unless you have a Linux PC you can use? If you plug the mem card into a Windows PC it will only show you one FAT32 partition, which is the NOOBS settings partition.

      So if you want to overclock your Pi for RetroPie, you would boot into RetroPie and go to terminal by pressing to exit Emulation Station (or use SSH) and type the following:

      sudo nano /boot/config.txt

      And you can amend the overclock values in there as normal.

      Other OS’s will be the same, ie you will need to amend them directly on the Pi or through SSH, but I assume it is only RetroPie you want to overclock?


  22. Hello,

    I want clone my new installed sd card with all my new retro games, instaal settings and all that stuff.

    I use Win32DiskImager, but witch mapps i want read give its a problem. i cant read anything.

    Please tell me how to clone my sd card. Thanks!

  23. Hello,

    I am complete noob with this thing, I have installed this multiboot and it works perfectly. what i want to know is, is it possible to go to raspbian or retropie from kodi but using ssh, just like when you accessing both using program menu in kodi.

    Thank you

  24. Hi, loved the tutorial!

    I am unable to put a build or wizard onto Kodi. I initially had an issue on how to connect to the internet in Kodi, but watched some tutorials from others and figured that out. but I still cant add a source :(. hope you can help me out!


  25. What an amazing site !

    I have noticed that it’s best to install Kodi afterwards via retropie because you can use your PS3 controller.

    I love the builds

  26. Great bundle! Works like a champ for me.

    To upgrade Kodi, go to LibreElec Configuration (in the Confluence skin, it’s listed below System on the home screen. In Amber, go to Add-Ons, then up a couple times). From there, under the System menu select Update Channel and set it to the newer LibreElec 8.0. Then, on the Available Version menu just below that, select the newest version. I am now on Kodi 17.3 and my super cheap gamepad controller I use for RetroPi is now controlling Kodi perfectly.

  27. Hi Steve,

    could you please tell me how can i install triple boot, retropie 4.2, kodi and raspbian for my raspberry pi 1? thanks in advance and this is an excellent project. congratulations!!

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