Long Overdue Update Post!!

Hi all.

As the title says, this is a long overdue update to my site and to say that I have some new builds on the way over the next couple of days. 🙂

So first of all – my apologies for going missing for some time. I’ve had a number of things going on which meant I have not had time to maintain the site, so again, I apologise for neglecting it. I see there are hundreds of comments I need to answer but I feel that the majority of the issues that are mentioned have since been fixed in new versions of the OS’s (RetroPie etc.), so my best advice would be to await my new builds and install those to see if your problem disappears. If it doesn’t then leave a new comment and I will reply (promise!).  😉

Ok so I have started on new RetroPie v4 builds and was about ready to package it up and upload it and then another update came along yesterday (4.0.2), so I need to start again, but it will be finished and ready before the end of this week.

After threatening to do so for some time I I will be finally be creating some Pi1 / Pi Zero builds, so expect to see them appear over the next few days too.

I will be using a new fork of NOOBS as created by Nitrus (https://github.com/Nitrus/noobs). This version contains the ‘USB Stick Install’ changes and is aligned to the latest version of ‘Standard NOOBS’, so this means you will no longer see the warning message that was seen in my last builds when using a Pi3. The partitioning layout has slightly changed in this new version however (everything seems to be bumped up by one partition number), and this affects my existing partition switching scripts. To combat this I am trying to make a more dynamic switching script that will query the partitions to find out which is the correct one to use. This in theory would mean you could mix and match any OS’s and the script would always find the correct partition regardless where it is… in theory! If it works then it prevents the need for creating multiple scripts that are only specific to one particular build, which isn’t very user friendly (for example only needing one of my KODI addons for RetroPie / Raspbian etc. instead of needing to specify an actual build / build date).

I feel like I am waffling a bit now so I will leave it at that – keep an eye out for new builds appearing over the next few days and any comments / suggestions / requests / abuse please leave them below. 😀

All the best.


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  1. Hi, I’ve used a few of your builds and look forward to seeing what you have in store with your updates 🙂

    Do you know if I can force boot into Kodi each time instead of going back to the last used system? I use Kodi 9 times out of 10 using Yatse and don’t always have the retropie controller to hand.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

    1. Hi Chris.

      Yes I think I have found a way to always force ‘Boot to KODI’ on power on / reboot. I will be testing this out and including a switch in the ‘RetroPie’ menu if it works (which it should).


  2. Will the new update be built off of Kodi 16.1 Jarvis? Is it at all possible to simply update an existing build rather than uninstall and re-install? I would like to avoid deleting and re-adding all of my roms and setups.

    Thanks for all your work on these, they are the best pi builds around!

    1. Hi Ryan.

      Yes new builds will be based upon the most recent versions of everything, which is Jarvis in the case of KODI – I tend to stay away from Beta / Alpha builds (I am still running Isengard personally and have no issue with it!).

      You should be able to update your existing builds in the normal manner yes however I would strongly recommend you back up your disk image first in case something goes wrong. I have seen people commenting that they have successfully updated their old builds so it should work out ok.


  3. Since purchasing my firs Pi (a Pi3) earlier this year and testing out other builds, I have been exclusively running your dual boot OSMC/RetroPie install. It has been a champ. Even my 8 year old hasn’t broken anything and he is on that thing all the time watching his shows and playing mario. Thanks to you. If you could do a multi boot with OSMC, RetroPie, and something I could use for webbrowsing our living room setup would be perfect. Thanks again.

    1. That’s great, re-assuring to know you haven’t had any issues! I will be creating up-to-date triple boot builds that will incorporate RetroPie, OSMC and Raspbian / Ubuntu, so watch this space.


  4. I have been using your RetroPie & KODI (OpenELEC) Perfect Dual Boot v7. It has been working great! looking forward to trying dual boot RetroPie 4.0.2 and Kodi(OpenELEC), Thanks! Keep up the Great work!

    1. Thanks – I aim to have the first set released tonight which will be RetroPie 4.0.2 + LibreELEC 7.0.2 (KODI 16.1 Jarvis) and RetroPie 4.0.2 + OpenELEC 6.0.3 (I tend to steer away from BETA / Alpha versions so still KODI 15 Isengard for now).


  5. Hi, Steve.. Been using your builds since the beginning and love them. Will you continue with the resizing options for the partitions? A preference for me would be to maximize most of the space on the retropie partition as I install most of my games on the sd card anyways.. Let me know what you decide.. Thanks so much for everything..


    1. Thanks Rich! Yes the option to resize as you wish will always be there. I also prefer to maximize the RetroPie partition to allow for games so that is the setting that I normally release in the NOOBS files.


      1. Hi! great build by the way. can you tell me how to maximize the partitions though? I am using a 32gb microsd card, but installing it, i do not see the options anywhere to expand it.


      2. Are there instructions as far as the resizing of that Retropie partition. I installed my ROMs and am now out of space. Will the “expand file system” in the config mess up the other utils in the QuadBoot system? Is that all I need to do?

  6. I have tried your old RetroPie+OSMC and had some issues (due to the old versions of the OS, not due to the dual boot). Thank you for your work and looking forward for the new release!

  7. Hi @ Steve,
    You have been missed. I was worried something was wrong but I’m glad you are back. Your work have always been great and I can’t wait to try out your updates.

    P.S. I’ve seen a resent New Android OS out about so more possibilities in the future also.

    1. Hi Candice.

      Haha, no, nothing wrong just haven’t had any time to work on things but I’m back again now! I have also seen the new Android OS that was released and it is definitely something I will be exploring. Might be a pain to capture the Android partitioning methods and implement them into a NOOBS installer, but I’m sure there will be plenty of information out there to read up on and hopefully its do-able.


    2. I really want to add android. have paid for and downloaded android marshmallow 6.0.1 for raspi 3 so trying that out – will have to be on a different card for the mo…but would be good to either add to your fabby multi pi system or find out how to easily add a build : apologies if you have already shouwn this!

  8. Thank you so much for taking the time to create all these and for sharing them freely. 🙂 I’m brand new to Raspberry Pi and Linux and have successfully installed your OSMC/RetroPie Dual Boot. 😀 It works great and was incredibly easy to get going.

  9. Hi I’ve been using your RetrioPie/Rasplex build. Will this new version have Rasplex in it? I couldn’t see any references on the page. Thanks for all your work!

  10. Please update some Rasplex builds or include directions for creating our own build. Thank you for this awesome website and your hard work.

    1. Rasplex build will be coming soon and I have been saying for some time that I will provide instructions but haven’t found the time to write it all out yet. :s I will get round to it though and post it on here.


      1. Thanks for the response Steve! I would appreciate any documentation that you would be willing to provide regarding how the multibootpi images work, file locations (scripts, icon images, etc.)

        That way I might be able to figure out how to build my own and hopefully contribute to your awesome project. I am going to poke around images and see what I can find on my own. Feel free to contact me via email.

  11. Great to see that you’re back and thanks for taking the time to create and share these builds. Looking forward to the latest RetroPie/Rasplex dual boot release.

  12. I recently installed a dual boot from here. Im a total noob at this stuff. After doing so I installed a build on to KODI. The top tutorials build. After doing so I couldn’t find the link to get back to retro pie. I’m not sure if the build is incompatible with the dual booting or if the new build was just incapable of launching the reboot back to retro pie. I could see retro pie in the file manager, but it wouldn’t let me do any thing with it. If any one has any insight I would be most great full as I would love to be able to run a build over KODI and switch between the two.

    1. Hi Jon.

      The KODI build that you have installed probably changed all of the menu items (probably changed the skin too?), and therefore lost the shortcut I made to boot into RetroPie. This is not a problem, all you need to do is add a shortcut into the skin again – how to do this varies between different skins but normally you would go to Settings>Appearance>Skin Settings then find the section where you can add your own shortcuts. You will find my RetroPie add-on under ‘Programs’.

      If the build has removed my add-on then you will need to re-install it by entering the following source in File Manager: http://www.multibootpi.com/addons/ then go to Settings>Addons>Install From Zip File, then choose the source you created for my site and install the necessary script. Then you can add it as a shortcut onto your home screen.

      Hope this makes sense – any problems just let me know.


  13. Hi,

    I’m willing to try your Triple-Boot build, but since I have already trimmed my LibreELEC (and OpenElec too) install on my current SD card, with AddOns, paths, database and so on, I was wandering if there’s a way to a) move my existing LibreElec to your build or b) just install RetroPie through NOOBS without deleting and reinstalling the existing LibreElec.
    I’ve seen that adding a new OS through NOOBS will overwrite the existing OSs. Will loading the new Build to NOOBS as per your instructions change something in this behavior?


    1. Hi @ Francesco
      If its just to keep your Libreelec Setup/Build, yes you can.
      All you have to do is back it up. You can use Libreelec create backup in its setup settings and back it up to a flash drive.
      I do it all the time and its the best way to make sure all settings remain intact.
      Hope that helps you.

      1. Hi. Yes, this should work fine, I also have done this myself. You can also do a manual backup by copying the .kodi/ folder into your new build. As always though, make a backup before you try!

        You can also use my ‘online update’ script (posted on this site) to do such things, although this may not be suitable for what you need.


  14. Can you tell me how to maximize the partitions? I am using a 8gb microsd card, but installing it, i do not see the options anywhere to expand it.

  15. Hi, love what you do here. I was wondering what I would have to do to make this awesome triple image work on a banana pi m3? I would like to see what the extra processing power would change.

  16. Howdy Quick question about your dual boot build.. it’s fantastic i’ve tried all your builds.. anyways, when it comes to updating Kodi to 17.1, libreelec 8.0.1, system hangs on reboot after update.. can’t get out of it.. guessing i have to edit something to do with the partitions?

    All good if you dont have time to look into it, i’ll just roll back to libreelec 7

  17. Hey, must admit love your work and am enjoying multi boot pi but when updating I am running into an issue. I update raspbian via terminal with sudo apt-get update && get upgrade, update Openelec by samba sharing an upgrade to the update file all the way up to kodi 17.4 and update retropie to 4.3.2, but when I try to update the packages for retropie, something occurs which cause an emulationstation file to be not found and no further booting. I’ve separate occasion and created sd cards for testing different scenarios and as soon as I update the packages, I’m locked out…any ideas or suggestions???

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